THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Mai and Andy!!



Things are finally starting to pick up! I bet Joe's finally happy. It seems that we've gone back in time, to not only obtain the sight-seeing orb Rugal had, but to get this--stone that Amakusa has.

The orb that the Orochi Clan had given Rugal to serve as his right eye is the very power that Iori, Geese, and all of those other villains seek! Even Rugal sought the power; yet he never knew that power he so madly sought was right under, er, right above his nose! (^^)

That also explains why we are in this time period. I've done a bit of reading of the Orochi Clan history, and there were almost no riots in this era. So, without any--wild cards, they could seize this power, without an Orochi stopping them.

I can only guess, as to why they would want Ryuji.

Perhaps, as Iori had told Rugal, "...Only a member of the Bloodline can wield such power!"

That would mean, that if Geese, or any of his men, tried to seize it, it would indeed empower, as it had Rugal. However, like Rugal, it would lead to madness, and then, utter destruction. If Geese could strike a deal with Ryuji, then he may be able to use the stones for his own use. The question is: What will he do once he has control of them? How will he be able to use it, without meeting his own demise?

Then again, now that Ryuji has one orb, and Genjuro has the other, I feel that Geese's plans may be--postponed. I doubt Ryuji will just hand it over, especially if he realizes it's power. Then, the problem is, who would do more damage? After all, if it can only be wielded properly by one of the Bloodline, and Yamazaki is one of them, what could he unleash? I also wonder about the evil that radiates from Genjuro, and his larger orb.

Eh? I'm at Mai's room. Even subconsciously, my mind still wonders toward her. Even for all of her, 'girlish antics', I still love her. She has been there for me for almost everything since I first came to Japan. I wonder, if she's ok, after her match.

Andy thinks back to the closing moments of Mai's match with Nakoruru. They had each become engulfed with their own, respective, raw power. Then, they shot at each other like lasers. Then, before they could react, they each tripped over Nakoruru's pets, and their heads crashed into each other! In a way, it's rather funny! That's something I would only expect in a magna, anime, or--a fanfic!

There she is, laying on her bed, with her head all bandaged. I guess she is rather lucky. At least she didn't die in her match. I don't know what I would do if she actually did die. I...

"A, Andy. Is that you?"

As he heard Mai say his name, he froze, halfway between the door, surprised.

"I thought I felt your strength as you came in. I knew you couldn't stay away. I'm glad you came back to see how I'm doing. What? What's with that strange look on your face?"

However, all he could do is stare at her, and began to grow redder and redder with each passing moment. She liked it, and just wish she could understand what it was that was leaving Andy in such a helpless, and seductive state.

She looked hard, and sharp into his eyes, and while they were on her, they weren't in her eyes. Slowly, Mai traced his glance down, toward herself. She blushed when she reached the end of the gaze, almost embarrassed herself. When she had flung the covers off her chest, she had just now noticed that there wasn't anything on underneath!

"What's wrong, Andy. Don't you like what you see?" she teased, causing Andy to go almost nova!

"Well, I, I, that is, er..."


"Mary! Well, I--"

"Where are you manners? Can't you see that she needs to be dressed? OUT!"

Startled, Andy stumbled out the door, but not without slamming it on his hand, and a muffled curse was heard as he shut the door a second time.

Mai flopped back to the bed, a feeling of lose in her heart. She couldn't believe it: she was foiled by another woman in her attempts at seducing Andy! It wasn't just any woman, but his older brother's girlfriend! How--revolting. As soon as she could, she had to teach Mary how to do things the "Lone-Wolf Way," when it came to dealing with men!

"Are you ok, Mai? Honestly, I thought Andy was better than that! I think he's been spending a little too much time with Joe!"

Mai made no comment, for she was still replaying what had just happened in her head, and blushed again. The only thing she wanted to tell Mary was that she had lousy timing. Then again, it could have been worse! What if, she had been able to seduce Andy, and Mary walked in, just as they were in the middle of...

She giggled lightly at the thought. She wondered, who would be the most embarrassed over that one? Somehow, she still pictured Andy turning reddest!

"Do you think you will be ok by yourself. Even though he came out on top, I know that Terry's hurting, and badly from his fight with Mizuki. It was bad enough for him to have to battle with Ryuji. He almost died in that one! Then, to have to fight Mizuki and that...demon. It gave me the creeps when I first saw it. Then, for it to crash into me like that--I just thank God that Terry was there for me! How do you do it, Mai? You were with Andy, as he was nearly squashed by Mars! How?"

"...It ain't easy, I'll tell you that much, girl. Despite it all, I know that Andy needs me, as much as I need him. I know that we were meant for each other, when I first met him, training under my grandfather. I think it was sometime in elementary school. It's our undying love, and our devotion to each other. No matter what the odds, I do love him, and I won't desert him! Love is the strongest force we know of. It gave Andy strength, and it's what gave Terry his. You know that. It's how he was able to defeat Ryuji, and then, Mizuki. His love for you made sure that he would win."

"Thanks. I'll try to keep that in mind. Whatever it is, I just know that Terry can come out on top!"

"...So do I."

Alone, Mai's thoughts drifted back, several years, or at least in her thinking, to when Andy and her were younger, and when she coaxed him into taking her to their school's prom. It was almost impossible.

They argued almost nonstop over it. Finally, in anger, it was decided that they would have a little match to settle it. If she won, she'd get her wish of going to the prom. If not, Andy was given peace and quiet--at least until Mai could come up with another way to get him to take her.

To make a long story short, Mai wore a very skimpy outfit in the fight, and Andy couldn't, at the time, bring himself to hit a girl. He went down without even a single move.

"YES! I knew I could do it! I'm number one!"

Mai stood over Andy, eyeing him intently. She then sat on his stomach, and gave him a deep, passionate that left him gagging for air.

"See you at the prom, Andy!"

"It's like I told you, Andy. There are just some things a woman wonít take a 'no'. This happens to be one of them."


"Come on, your knightship. We've got to get you ready for the big night! There's going to be a lot of work to do!"

Finally, the inevitable came, and the big day was here. Even though she had got him there, it took a bit more to get him to actually dance with her. It didn't bother Mai, for she took the lead. By the end of the night, Mai had danced with every guy in the place, leaving some of the girls in a less than cheery mood.

A few wanted to "get even," by trying to dance with Andy, but to no avail. There was no way he could bring himself to talk with a girl, much less to dance with one!

"Hey, I said I'm finished dancing for now! Take a hint!"

"I say that we still have one more dance, baby!"

"Hey! Didn't you hear the lady? She doesn't want to dance anymore!"

"Hey, Joe! Go blow! I don't care how many of those championships you've won! This is real, and there ain't no ref! Get lost!"

"Don't get carried away, asshole! Joe Higashi's going to give you a fight you won't ever forget! Time to...huh?"

Andy firmly put his hand on Joe's shoulder, and waved him aside!

"Big mistake, little man! You are..."

In one strike to the head, the man was down. For the rest of the night, no one bothered Mai. It was also boring for her, as none of the guys dared to dance with her.

"I hope you are happy, Andy!" she growled into his ear, "Now what am I suppose to do? Sit around and wait for you?"

"If you'd like, we can go back home."

"OOOHHH! Let's go back! There's nothing else to do here!"

As they drove, nothing was said between them. Mai was mad that her night didnít end in fire. She wondered what Andy was thinking.

They were now at the dojo, and Andy was debating if he wanted to change and have a fast work-out, or to go to bed.

"Hmph!" was all Mai said.

"Mai, I'm sorry."

She opened her eyes, and to her surprise, he had his hands out, as if to hug her, but wasn't sure if he should follow up.

"But, well, I didn't want that guy to hurt you. When you really try, you are a very nice girl. I wouldn't want anything, bad, to happen to you. I...I'll go now."

"Oh, Andy! Sometimes I wonder, who is it that is more impossible between us?"

They kissed, and walked back to Mai's place. They stood on the doorway, and Mai leaned for another that seemed to last the night.

When it ended, they each felt a yearning deep from within. Andy gave her a tight squeeze, and was gone, on his way back home.

"I don't believe he just got away from me! What's worse, I let him! Oh well, there's tomorrow!" she shut the door behind her, closing off her cute, sexy, laugh.


"Is that any way to great me, Andy?"

"How did you get in here?"

"Joe let me in," she replied, too casual for his liking.

"Well, please wait downstairs for me, while I go shower. Then, we can talk over breakfast."

"Oh, sure. Whatever you wish, darling. Don't keep me waiting!" she finished with her usual laugh.

What Andy didn't know, at the time, was that there was a small hole in the door to his room, with enough space to let Mai see him, in perfect detail!

He took off his shirt, and she watched as each string of hair rose into the air, and slowly, gently, cascaded down his head.

She looked at the fine build of his chest, and his stomach. So firm, so strong, yet so gentle. Then, with the size of his arms, it wasn't hard to see why he had knocked that guy out so easily. To have those arms wrap around her, and hug her, was something she knew every girl in school would be envious of.

The only other one with such a build was Joe. But Joe's too flashy. With Andy, the girl could get the chance to lead the game.

Somewhat disappointed, Mai saw that Andy decided to work on fixing his bed first. Still, it gave her a chance to view his back, and watch as his hair flowed around him as he worked. He then took a long moment to look at a picture of his father.

Finally, when she had just about given up, she got to see Andy moon her, although he didn't know that he had. However, as much as she begged, prayed, and pleaded, he never turned back, and went right into the bathroom, and the shower came on almost at once.

"Oh no you don't Andy! I didn't get up this early, and come all the way over here, for this small sample!"

Every so quietly, she slipped the door open, shut it behind her, and locked it!

To her joy, he didn't lock the bathroom door!

Well, I guess I can get a little wet. After all, if it works, it'll be worth having a million showers!

She sat on the bed, facing the bathroom door, so as to be ready, just in case. Then, she began.

First, she unbuckled her beach sandals, and gently slipped them off her feet. Then, she undid her hair, and lightly shook her head, to bring it all around her, in a look that was so natural, it would be the perfect seduction.

Then, she undid the tie in her outfit's back, and the whole outfit slid, down her body, and to the floor. She stepped out of it, and looked over to the door.

He was still in there. She wondered how long it took him to shower!

Mai then, almost in a yawn, stretched, and undid her top. A second later, she was ready, and went up to the door. She put her ear to the door, and could still hear the shower. She then heard Andy cuss, as the water got too hot for a moment.

Don't worry Andy. The water won't be the only thing to make you feel hot! I can't wait any more!

Slowly, and gently, Mai opened the door. There Andy was, with the water rushing down him, his eyes shut in a deep thought. They didn't open, until he heard the shower door slide open!

"Mai! What are you doing?" he blurted.

"Shh. Don't say a thing," Mai answered, as she gently stepped into the water.

She then put her arms firmly around him, and hugged him tightly.

Andy felt a million strange sensations, most of which he had not felt in his entire life! As her breasts came to rest firmly on him, he almost choked. Mai paid no attention, and continued with her seduction of her lover.

For a moment, she took her arms down, and took his hands in hers. He's so strong, yet so unsure of himself, she sighed.

Her hands, feel so warm. She's simply, breath-taking! Is this how it feels?

Mai took one of Andy's hands, and place it gently on her rear, while she strung her fingers through his hair. She then glided her feet over his, as she reached up to kiss him.

Even in High School, Mai was a master of seduction, and it didn't take her but a second to make the kiss more than just a kiss.

Her tongue slipped from her mouth, and lightly tapped on Andy's lips, as if to say "Come on out and play with me!"

He responded, and for a few moments, they had a small dance pass between them.

As the dance ended, Mai took his free hand, and placed it lovingly between her chest. It took her a few times to keep them there, as Andy shrank back when he realized what he was touching. Then, he drowned in their love...just as eager as Mai was.

Mai moved a bit, and Andy was now a part of her. They had now become one body, one being, one soul. When it was over, Andy would leave a part of himself for Mai, but that would be later.

As they continued, some water from the shower dribbled into their mouths, but they ignored it, and kept together. They only stopped for a second, so that Andy could adjust the shower to cool the passionate heat they were sharing. It took a little fumbling, but then, they were back again.

How long did it last? It didn't matter to either of them. Just so long as the two of them were together, it mattered not what happened in the outside world. They were as one, and would always be. They had transcended being just friends. Now, they had become red-hot lovers.

For them to feel such love, would be unjustly described with mere words, for in the fine art of a passionate love making, nothing can come close to articulate the feelings that two lovers share with each other.

Mai awoke from her daydream, of memories long past, and moaned lightly.

"Andy, it has been soooo long! I hope, we can do it again, someday soon. Maybe, we could even start a family..."

"Hey, Andy? What's up man?"

"Oh, nothing much, Joe. I was just thinking..."

"...About what?"

"I was just thinking, Ling, about when Mai and I went to the prom. It seems like such a long time ago. I wonder, if she still recalls the day after..."