THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Genjuro v Haohmaru!!


Now, for one of the two fights that you've waited (ever so patiently) to see: Genjuro v Haohmaru! I decided to go all out for these, so this will be one entire part, and Ryuji v Terry will be its own. This way, I can cut loose and don't have to worry about equaling out or other technical problems with the server. Now, on with the fight...spoiler; Haohmaru and Charlotte get real...I can hardly believe that this round is over. We have all been faced with several...disappointments this round. Rimururu lost to King, in a close match. The fight of fights, Haohmaru lost to Terry. As for me, I lost to my "time-swapped partner, Mai."

I find it odd, or maybe ironic, as to how this tournament began. My side was very successful in the first round, with few loses. In the second round, it went the other way. Maybe, deep down, we were actually overconfident. I may have been...or maybe not. Perhaps, my mind is troubled with my loved ones--and of the dream Haohmaru shared with me just before our fights this round.

Away from everyone, deep in the nearby forest, was the missing Haohmaru. He did what he would always do; practice, practice, practice. He had a lot to think of, and this was the only way for him to clear his head. It was too much for him. Charlotte was right (as usual) in that he was looked at once again for leadership. Again, he had wanted nothing to do with leading these men and women. He was a loner, not a leader. He never asked for this responsibility, nor did he really care to lead. So, why was he doing it? The answer, to a certain level, was obvious. Charlotte. She made it seem like if he didn't do it, he'd be the world's biggest ass-hole. It would also be the way of a coward and not honorable to put himself before his duty, whether he wanted to or not. He hated it when she did that to him. Yet, there was more, as there always was.

She had told him that whatever his decision was, she'd stand by him. Even if it peeved off everyone else, she'd stand by his side, and fight if need be. That, he really respected. Although he wouldn't tell her, he loved a woman who could stand up for herself, and wasn't afraid. Plus, she was a good a fighter as him, something Oshizu couldn't do. Oshizu? There's that name again. She seems like some long forgotten dream that has only recently started to resurface. What must she be thinking, er, what did she think, or something. Crugh! This time travel thing is confusing the Hell outa just about everyone (even the writer). My thoughts could go on forever, and I think I could too!


"What? Charlotte? Hang on, I'm coming!"

How does she do that? No matter where I seem to go, she finds me. I'll ask, after I find out what...NO!

"I thought this hoe would get your attention, Haohmaru. Now, we end this, once and for all! Oops! My blade's still stained!" and Genjuro wiped his bloody blade on the back of Hisame's prone corpse. Charlotte was also covered in blood, and was having trouble sitting. Genjuro was holding her limp body firmly, preventing any attempts at opposition.

"Foul fiend of Hades! You don't know when to quit!"

"This fiend will have your butt!"

"We'll see about that!"

"Very well, Haohmaru. You're finished! But first..!"

Charlotte screamed in agonizing pain as Genjuro thrust his blade into her back. Her eyes looked hazily at the man she loved. She tried to speak and move, but nothing happened. Her eyes shut, and she fell on her face. Genjuro raged with laughter.


"Why, this is my present to you, my dear Haohmaru. The death of your adopted boy, your would be lover, and you! Just think, in a few moments, you'll all be together. What a pleasant nightmare!" and Genjuro leapt with his blade high over his head, ready to kill off his old rival.

Charlotte awoke from her daydream at the feeling of a very evil aura near her. Her blood froze, and she just had time to lift up her sword to block a slice from Genjuro.

"What is the meaning of this?" demanded Charlotte, "Have you no sense of honor? Are you going to attack a woman, you cure?"

"Charmed, Charlotte. I bet you don't recall me telling Haohmaru that I'm going to find his guardian angel, and kill it. Guess what! I figure you to be the wimp's angel. There isn't any reason for you to get in my way like you did, unless you really want to protect him. Now, die!" he pressed forward a bit, and then smashed his head into her's, sending her down to the ground.

"Don't worry, he will follow you soon! Night is upaa!" he gasped, as an umbrella hit him in the middle of his spin, and returned to Hisame.

"You leave my moth...Charlotte alone, you bastard!" screamed Hisame, shaking with rage.

Genjuro got up, and with a flash in his eyes, he lunged at Hisame, and hit him with three powerful slashes. The first came from the front, the second hit him from behind, and the third was like a long swipe.

He was loosing a lot of blood, and was having trouble standing. Genjuro seemed to be herding him back, but why? Suddenly, he tripped. As he sat up, he saw Rimururu, stained with blood, Konril floating dimly next to her. Several yards away, he saw Mamamhaha weakly trying to cover Nakoruru, while Poppy and Silkururu tried to help each other, Nakoruru, and Galford. They were too far away to see, but Genjuro had obviously proved too much for them. He wondered who else Genjuro had defeated,

"No, you little cuss, you die! Give my regards to Ukyo. The only thing I like about him is he's a rival of..."

"Splash Front!" exclaimed Charlotte, driving Genjuro away from Hisame, who then passed out, splurting in some of the blood he had just lost from Genjuro's violent attack.

Charlotte then launched Genjuro with a Violent Sword. She the cut through the air, and a triangle shaped attack shot out at him. He waited for the last second, and then rolled under it. He lifted Charlotte up by her throat, and slammed her head into the ground. He then kicked her over, and looked down at her, with the eyes of the reaper.

"NO! You won't do this, you fiend! Aaaahhh!" yelled Haohmaru as he did a flip, and his sword crashed into Genjuro, knocking him off Charlotte, and a short distance from Hisame.

Haohmaru ran to Charlotte, and saw the ugly bump from where she had been slammed. Was, he could just barely hear faint breathing. She was alive, for now.

"You are always forgetting your priorities, and your duties, Haohmaru! When will you learn? Maybe in your next life, if you are lucky enough!"

Genjuro's sword cut deep into Haohmaru, and they shot skyward, a blinding flash of violet behind his blade. As they landed, Genjuro took a slice at the air, and his projectile slammed into Haohmaru, causing him to stumble, and drop his blade. Genjuro shot in, using the same combo of slashes he had used on Hisame. When it was over, Haohmaru fell to his knees.

"Pathetic! That is what all of you are. None of you can even put up a struggle. The only one who came close was that ninja, Hanzo. I'll admit that that slam probably would have sent me to Hell, had it been any stronger. However, as you can see, nothing is stronger than the fiery hatred that burns in my soul for you. It did take some effort to work against both the wild kids, but a slam took out the bitch, and a finisher took out the bastard. Kyoshiro was as easy to take out as Wan-fu had been. So, Haohmaru, that means you have nobody left to help you; DIE!"

Just as he was about to slice, he felt a fiery aura explode from behind, and just met Charlotte before she could deliver a fatal thrust. Genjuro was surprised that she was still able to fight, and with such fire. Before Hisame had intervened, he had pummeled her with just about everything he had. She had gotten a few attacks in, but the fight had been his, until Haohmaru showed up. It seemed that as soon as he took one of them down, another would come. He glanced quickly at Haohmaru. He saw him try and get up, only to fall back down. He smiled, and Charlotte had fear in her eyes, as his seemed to glow, and she felt an evil she had never felt before.

"Haohmaru! Get up! It is time for you to go deep down, and unlock your hidden potential. You are struggling over the fact that you lost--but you must put it aside. We are depending on you! Charlotte is loosing ground quickly. If you don't now, he will eliminate her!"

"K, Kurko? What..." with Kurko's help, he made his way to his feet, just in time to see Charlotte tossed up into the air, and batted back down.

Genjuro shot his projectile at Kurko, knocking him off his feet. Without the support, Haohmaru fell to his face.

"I'll take care of you after I take care of this fossil!"

He attempted to decapitate the ref, only for him to use his flags to block it. A slight power struggle erupted from them, before Genjuro kicked him in his gut, and thrust his sword into Kurko's heart, dropping him instantly.

"Now, as I said, nobody's left to save you. This fiend will have your ass! What the..!"

Haohmaru then exploded with a red aura, that knocked Genjuro several feet back. Fire seemingly emitted from Haohmaru, as even his eyes seemed to possess the fire. He shot toward Genjuro like a missile, only to be shot back by Genjuro's own, evil aura. It was nearly exact to Haohmaru's, except that it was violet in color.

"Surprised? You didn't think that only you had such potential? Why else did you think that Caffeine chose me all those years ago? He could sense the hidden potential in me as well. I'm every bit your equal, trash! Whatever advantage you thought you had is over, as is your life!"

The two lock blades, and the air comes alive with the amount of power these two wield. At the core is a being of red fire, and one of a ghastly shade of violet. Outside the core, the two auras mix in a violent display of catastrophic power, each fighting to dominate the other for their final battle.

Genjuro attempts to kick Haohmaru, only for Haohmaru to block it, sending them both back. Genjuro takes a swipe, and a bunch of card-like objects fly out. Haohmaru blocks the attack. He focuses as much power as possible into his blade, and the huge onslaught slams into Genjuro, knocking him over the bridge, into the raging rapids below.

Haohamru watches as Genjuro's body floats back to the surface, and then finds himself having to lean on the bridge's edge for support. A few seconds later, he falls, hitting his head on the edge.

"Owww! My head! What happened to me--and why does it feel like Earthquake just fell on me?"

"Honestly, Haohmaru! You complain so much! Sometimes I wonder what I see in you."

"Charlotte? What..?" he stopped, seeing Charlotte without her armor, or anything else she usually has when she's ready for battle. She looked, well, like a woman was all he could think.

She sat next to him, and they just looked at each other. She then bent over, and to his surprise, gave him a heavy kiss. She then said thanks, for coming through for us.

"Where's Hisame? Is he alive?"

She smiled, and told him that he was in the next room. He would live, but it seemed as if he was going through some internal struggle with personal demons...much as he had done.

There was a light knock at the door, and Haohmaru went to answer it. Rimururu was there, just a short distance in front of Nakoruru and Genjuro. He let her in to see Hisame, and waited as Charlotte came beside him to greet their friends.

"This has been one Helluva day!" began Galford, "I'm still not sure who is worse--Ryuji or Genjuro! They both seem to be possessed. I've fought with them both, and I don't know of too many guys that are more evil than they are."

"I just thought of something. According to our friends, they are from the future, right? What if, by some strange way of Nature, Genjuro is Ryuji's ancestor? We all felt that dark power a while back. We also felt a similar power from him as he went on his attack today. It does seem similar to Ryuji's, yes?" Everyone nodded in agreement, wondering about what it could mean.

"I'm sorry to interrupt, my friends. We have it set, and our ready to begin."

They turned, somewhat surprised to see Hanzo, his face exposed. He had a look of graveness, and they knew it was time for Kurko's funeral.

Later, as dusk fell, all of their minds were still numb from the ordeals of the day. Kurko had died. Many of them had been beaten like never before. They had finally seen the end of Genjuro (or, have they...).

They sat, gathered around a fire, each of their minds and hearts heavy with the events of the day.

"We have little time, and we must talk to you all, quickly," and everyone was shocked, as they so the ghosts of Jubei, Nicotine, Ukyo, and Kurko.

"There has been much confusion, and much more will come," began Kurko.

"While you are still at the front, Haohmaru, you must help Hisame. Even now, he is struggling. Rimururu watches over him, but he will need more. In time, he will gain power to put him at odds with Zankuro, but not without the odds making him like Zankuro," Ukyo stated.

"Haohmaru, Galford. You two must be like his honor guards. You have just began to sample your hidden potential, Haohmaru. You, Galford, still have much to learn. Keep well, and don't loose control and focus for your next fight. Charlotte, Nakoruru, stay by your men. They may be stubborn, and foolish at times, but you will all need each other, and soon. I'm sorry, but we're time is up," and Nicotine, and the rest faded from view.

Each was stunned beyond belief. Finally, Tam-Tam suggested that they should each try to get some rest, the day had been very long. Cham-Cham agreed, saying that sleep would help with all their pains.

"Haohmaru, Charlotte, you're back. How was it?" asked Rimururu, who had silently said she would stay with Shizumaru.

"It...gave us a lot to think of, Rimmy," answered Haohamru, as he went to his room.

"Rimruru; watch over Hisame. He needs you a lot, more now than ever. What we went through today is just a small piece of what may happen soon. I--goodnight," for some reason, she wanted to talk about the time she had briefly merged her soul with Haohmaru's but decided against it.

"You look dead tired, Haohmaru. Are you going to bed?"

"Who can sleep after this? Look at all that has happened today? Why did it; because of me! Everyone wants to slice me up and make toothpicks from me! They don't care who they have to go through, or what they have to do to get it done! This is too much crap for me to have to deal with!"

Charlotte placed her hands delicately on his shoulders, which caused him to stop fuming, and to look at her. Some reason, she looked very...different. He felt a very strange connection to her, for some unexplained reason.

"Charlotte, I think..."

"It's about time, you...Haohmaru! I can see it in your eyes, and I can feel it! It took you long enough!" she then laughed as she ran her hands through his hair.

"I still think you have your hair worn very strangely, Haohmaru. You look like you could be a human hedgehog!" she whispered in his ear.

He wrapped his arms tightly around her, kissed her, and took a second to extinguish the nearby candle, leaving them alone in perfect darkness.