Once again, it is time for another battle between the forces of good and evil, light and dark, the heroes and the villains. Since the dawn of time, these two forces have fought for total domination over their eternal adversary. Each time they clash, one emerges the victor, the other, defeated; if they are still living.

However, whether virtue or tyranny is the victor, they are so only for a while. As it has been, and always shall be until the time comes, when the balance of the scales shift to one side, it grows heavier with the weight.

Picture a simple scale with two sides, one representing good and one bad. Imagine now that when more weight is at one side, that on the lighter side flows toward the heavier side. It might all flow to the one side, had some of it fallen off as it was sliding toward the other side.

Finally, if we don't like how the scale reads, we often make "adjustments" so that it will suit us. This too happens in the scale of life. Both offer ways to help "adjust" the scale to their liking, while still maintaining their "values".

Thus, through one method or another, the scale is shifted from the control of one and slowly shifts to the other, maintaining the frail balance of life, time, and space.

Up to now, the scale was in its middle. Now the weight is being shifted once again, this time toward the side of evil. Evil is in control of the scale, for evil has learned to move through time. It also has control over the safety of some of the forces of good. Some of them may not want to risk the safety of their loved ones. With so much power on its side, how will good be able to turn the scales back so as to balance life once more?


"So, does anybody no how the Hell we are supposed to break through this bloody seal that Amakusa has around this blasted fortress!"

"I don't know, Wan-fu, but with your belly-aching and language, I'll be lucky to be able to think clearly!" replied Galford, mad that Wan-fu was right next to him when he started ranting through his head.

Nakoruru teased, "Don't be upset, Galford. Your head provides the best amplifier we have, there's such a nice echoing effect. Just a little more work, and we should be able to shatter the barrier!"

Galford just looked at her and grumbled.

"How did you get through Amakusa's last fortress?" Ukyo asked.

"That's a question for Charlotte. Since she's not here, we ask the one who was with her, though I'm not sure if he recalls it. Haohmaru?"

"Um, I'm not sure, Tam-Tam. It's real hazy. It happened so long ago. It just sort of happened."

"Come on, porcupine! Rack that sharp head of yours! You have to do it, for Charlotte's sake!" encouraged Mai, still as outgoing as from the moment she first came amongst them.

"Galford, where in creation did you guys find such a woman of fire?"

"We found her in the forest, or rather Haohmaru did. As to where she's from, all we have is her story, which is crazy, yet all we have. It's also all we have on Charlotte's location, Ukyo."

"I'd like to hear this tale. It would be something to tell my grand kids one day."

So Galford summarized to the best of his ability the strange tale about how Mai came there, and how Charlotte had disappeared.

After taking some time to let it all sink in, Ukyo said, "It is indeed a crazy story. It sounds like a story a young-un may tell to others because he's bored and wants something to do to pass the time."

"Either that, or the guy himself is a nut case." (I'll leave that to you, the reader to decide...)

"I think I remember how I did it; I just hope that I can actually do it!"

"There's only one way to find out, and that's to go for it! Everybody back! He'll need space for this."

Quickly, everyone cleared to the nearby forest, taking cover as best they could to avoid whatever it was that would come.

Haohamaru started glowing a bright red, his eyes, had it been night, would seem to be like some sort of projector. Everyone could feel the surge of power flow out from Haohmaru, even though he was at a distinguished distance. They all felt a power that he had rarely tapped into, and they wondered at the results it would yield. No one knew what to suspect. Of them all, only Mai had felt a power similar to that, and it too had never happened before. It's source was from "The Lone Wolf," Terry Bogard. How either of them did it, she did not know, and it would probably remain as such.

Then, out of the silence of death came a world shattering explosion, one that the world had not felt since the start of this era. This one wasn't to the magnitude of that one when He died, but for those that were here for this one, it was enough for them.

The field had totally shattered and was now like a fine glass covering the nearby landscape. There was a hole big enough to allow a whale to go through. In what seemed to be the center of it all stood Haohmaru, unscathed in the slightest. It seemed as if he was oblivious to his surroundings, his mind and soul seemed to be in another world, or at least another part of this world.

"Hey, Haohmaru! Talk to me buddy!"

"Galford, let's go!"

Without waiting for a reply, he entered. They all stood, looking at one another, uncertain as to what to do. They then heard the clashing of blades, and knew that they had to go, or else the end may already be at hand.


They all rushed to the sound of the swords clashing, not sure of what to expect, but willing to deal with it together, and to the very end if needed. They didn't have far to go before they saw their opposition. A small army was attacking Haohmaru. He was doing well, but if left unaided, he would be overwhelmed.

"All right, scum, face my wrath!" shouted Wan-fu as he started running, leapt, and dropped his "bomb" on the army below, sending chaos into their lines.

"Well, you heard the man. Are we going to let those two have all the fun? Let's go!" and Galford entered the fray, Poppy following him with total loyalty toward her master and his cause.

It didn't take long for the rest of them to get involved. The wild siblings were literally bouncing off the walls, making themselves all but impossible to hit, while taking down the guards by the score. Hanzo and Galford used their assorted ninja tricks to take out their unprepared foes with ease. The animals had little trouble with their foes, most of who ran for fear of "rabid beasts."

Slowly, the scale of life was being tipped in favor of the forces of light. They were all putting their very existence into their battle, knowing that their lives, that of their friends or loved ones, and countless others all hung in the balance. They fought in perfect unison, as if they were silently communicating with the rest of their teammates, allowing each to come to the aid of another as needed. Their opponents were falling, despite their vast numbers. They were simply too outclassed.

Ah, but evil doesn't give up without trying EVERYTHING, and Amakusa, one of the embodiments of evil, was not going to simply "roll over and die." Nor was his partner, the demon Zankuro. They each raised their hands to the heavens and began to chant in some ancient tongue long ago forgotten by most men. The guards fell back, for they were all instructed to do so when they heard that chant, though none understood it's meaning.

"Huh? What's going on?" asked a stun Kyoshiro.

"Look, up there! Our fears have come true!" and with a blade, Jubei pointed to the two demons upon the balcony, still chanting.

"I don't like this, sis! What's going on?" asked Rimururu.

"I don't know. Nature trembles as never before. I fear the worse!"

"No, it can't be! Not again! It's what brought me here!"

Behind the two, the same bright light that had brought Mai to this time began to appear behind the two.

"I knew it, it was them!"


The two stopped, and looked behind them. Zankuro looked at the warriors below, his face an utter blank. Amakusa wailed with the laugh of a banshee. He then disappeared. He appeared behind Mai, grabbed her, and warped with her to the balcony, bound like a prisoner.

Zankuro spoke, and the very air shook from the power that came forth.

"Warriors, if you wish to see this woman again, you will ascend the stairs before you. Then, you will follow us through this portal. Come now, or you will never see her again...nor shall you see Charlotte. That is the condition, you must either meet it, or lose it all."

"What the HELL is this?! Just what are you doing?"

"Isn't it obvious, Haohmaru?" Amakusa replied, "This that you see behind us is a time portal. This leads to where Charlotte is. To get her, you must simply pass through it, compete in a fight to the death, and win to walk away alive and with her. It's all very simple!" and as was his fashion, Amakusa laughed again.

"You've got it, jerk! When I get them back, I'm going to turn you two to hamburger!"

"Oooh! He's mad! What will we do? If you want it, follow us!"

Without waiting, they went through the portal, dragging the struggling Mai in tow.

Haohmaru was right behind them.

"Here we go again. Oh, well! At least life isn't going to be boring for a while!" and Hisame went into the portal as well, followed shortly by the rest of the warriors.

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