King Of Fighters Begins Again

View Through the Eyes of an Orochi



Slowly, over the weeks, Geese's men, sent out inventions to each of the fighters that were to partake in this year's King of Fighters Tournament. His second in command, Billy, dictated the orders and oversaw the details were as Geese wanted. Since Terry, Andy, Joe, and Mary were already in Southtown; notifying them was easy.

Others, like Kim were difficult to get a hold of, mainly because of the reclusive location of his summer home, which is where he was after realizing just how naive he had been with the two men he was trying to reform. It had been four years, and still with no progress, at least in reforming.

Their fighting skills had greatly improved, but that was about all. They still had far to go before they could really be reformed. He wondered quietly to himself if they would be reformed before 2000. He stood up with a readiness to fight, for both the shadow and the chi had an evil air about them. Billy tossed him the letter, and left. Kim read it. His students would have to wait. Whatever Geese had planned needed his immediate attention. He just hoped that it wouldn't be for the worse.

Ryuji Yamazaki proved to be near impossible to find. Rumors were that he was in Hong Kong, but there was no proof, nor had anyone seen a man fitting his picture. Had he totally snapped and killed himself, leaving no way to find his corpse? Had he gone into seclusion amongst other members of the Orochi clan? Where was this maniacal killer?

Even though Geese's men had near an unlimited supply of--resources--they had spent what seemed like a life time in trying to find Ryuji. Then, out of pure dumb luck, they found him at "Neo Geo Land," kicking butt on every game. He laughed insanely when confronted by Geese's men; he knew what they wanted. The only thing that surprised him was that it would be a single event, and not one of teams. Interesting, very interesting indeed.

There was only one man that Geese saw to the delivery of his invention to personally. That man was Wolfgang Krauser. Krauser was in Germany was Geese was in the United States; near absolute power. He had faked his death so convincingly, that even Geese had been convinced of it. Secretly, he had done exactly as Geese had done; gone into total seclusion to make himself even more powerful. Unlike Geese though, nobody knew he was alive, not even his second, Laurence Blood.

Like Geese, he also had an immense network of informants. Thus, it was no surprise that he had a proper welcome for Geese as his private chopper set down. They exchanged a few words as to how each were doing, and went into Wolfgang's den, leaving Kane and Blood to stand outside, with orders that no one was to disturb them.


"So, Geese, what brings you to my castle here in Germany? You don't usually travel outside of Southtown unless you have important business. I also suspect that I know what it is."

"Yes, you are right. It is time for the next King of Fighters Tournament. This time, there is something that may be as potentially interesting, if not more so than the Orochi power."

"Hm, `more so than the Orochi power,' eh? I like the sound of that. Let me send for some food and drink, then you may tell me of this power."

After a few minutes, a few of his servants brought in a small banquet and some of the finest wine. Geese said that there was no need for so much, and Krasuser casually replied that for this kind of business, they deserved the proper preparation. With that, he poured Geese some whine. After sampling the classic, Geese recounted the events that he had heard from Billy, and what he himself had seen. Krasuser looked at Geese intently throughout the retelling of this unbelievable story. It all sounded totally insane, yet he knew Geese wouldn't come all this way to tell him a simple fairy tale.

"So, you say a French nobel-woman from the time of the French Revolution has time-jumped to our time, and Mai is in her time? If it is true, we can hold the world in our hands, and do with it what we see fit. I would like to see this Charolette."

"For that, we would have to return back to Southtown..."

"...Then let us leave at once. The sooner we go, the sooner we can put the plot in motion."

"Lord Krauser, our other guest has arrived."

"Who have you invited, Krauser? Who else do we need to be involved in this?" Geese demanded.

"Why Geese, who else is missing from the elite group we have?"

"Axel Hawk!"

Kane and Blood were to get supplies ready and to secure the needed helicopters as they get set to go to Southtown, and to possibly change the course of history. Their plans will inevitably change the past, and as such will destroy our future.


After taking his invention from the trembling hand of the guy, Ryuji then made some threats to the men, for he knew that they knew of his reputation, and what he could be capable of doing.

After they left with fear for their very lives, he left for his room. After shutting the door, he slapped his hands to the side of his headand out from his vary depths were ripped a loud and insane laugh. So, it would come again. This time, he would fight alone and without his two teammates from before. He didn't need them, but since the rules at the time stated that there were to be teams of three, he decided to go along and see who he would wind up with.

His partners were nearly as surprised as he was when they saw one another. So, this is who fate had set together. He then began to think more about all that he knew about his partners.

Billy, he felt was a wimp. He relied almost entirely on his stick. Without it, he was nothing. Then, after some more thought, he recalled seeing him fight hand-to-hand. He was a solid fighter, but was nowhere near as good as he would be with his stick. Still, he was good enough to be Geese's second in command, whatever his abilities are. He is totally loyal and fits Geese's qualifications for a bodyguard. He had been a victim of one of Iori's attacks, yet he survived. Few can do that who are not of Orochi blood.

Then, there was their other partner, Blue Mary. He always thought it to be a strange part of her name, but he didn't really care about it. Still, she's a fine fighter. To be real honest, she IS FINE! She didn't really get to know him, perhaps at this tournament, he could change that. He then remembered that there was someone else she liked, but who? His eyes then filled with blood.

"Terry, Bogard. The `Lone Wolf' of the fighting world. He is a pest and will be exterminated!"

After he killed the punk, he'd take his woman. He'd show her the awesome power of the Orochi. She would be honored, he knew. After all, he was of the clan that were purify the world of its imperfections and restore it to its rightful glory. She would be honored to be allowed to be a part of the new era on this world.

Humankind is pitiful. Constantly at war with itself, it is fitting that it shall be eradicated by us. Time and again, they make noble speeches, vows, laws, and the like to promote peace, freedom, and happiness. The only time humanity is happy is when it dominates another, weaker, other. It has been like this since humanity first started to "become civilized" and has been on a downward slope ever since. That is why the Orochi have come into being. It will correct the errors known collectively as humanity. They will be flung into the dark and endless voids of death, thus beginning the process of the rebirth of life on Earth. This is the fate of those that aren't destined to be part of the Orochi clan. There will be no mercy or exceptions, for the Orochis are not known for their emotion. It is only in the rarest of times do they show any. The recent events have proved to be one of these rare instances.

One such individual had on more than one occasion lost himself and had gone berserk. This was normal for those that were going through the process of awakening, for their life up until that point was always resistant to its fate. The awakening was like having you head split open and your memories ripped, taking parts of the physical with the mental. Often, blood was spilled during this process, both that of the one who was awakening, and those that were unfortunate enough to be near when the awakening took place.

What was unacceptable was that this same individual on one of these occasions had attacked members of the clan itself. The fact that they were women were irrelevant. It was a simple unwritten law of their clan, "We shall not behave as the lowly human inhabitants of this world. They are a lost cause. All that they do is of no use to us or our purpose. They kill even their fellow humans as they would some animal. The most base of this is when they kill in the names of `peace, freedom, or God.' Orochi do not attack their own!"

Then, there was the girl from Brazil. She's nothing more than a tramp. She hides the truth from everyone, including herself. When she finally remembers, she decides to kill herself. How utterly human. Always are they afraid to take the needed action that they know they must do. Many shrink form what they must do; they deny their fate and existence. They always expect someone else to take care of them and do what is best for them. The Orochi shall do that for them.

"The Orochi cannot conquer me! I am too strong! He who claims it isn't worthy of Orochi! Soon all shall come to past, and humanity's fate will!.." he picked up his blade and threw it through his door and roared insanely, scarring away any ease droppers that may have been present.