THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Canto 29: Round 4-Blond Battle!


First off, sorry for the cheesy name for this part, but if you look at the four remaining fighters, they all do have blond hair--I guess blondes do have more fun!

Also, as there are only two matches for this round, they will each be in here, in 29. It's been dragged out rather far, so I figure it's nearly time to wrap this fic up. Next will probably be the final round. Afterwards, just about 2-5 more to finish the plot out, answer this and that, and explain what happened to the `departed.'

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I had been working on finishing up my Riot Of The Blood fanfic (KOF). That's the first one I finished. The rest are being worked on as I write.

Just one last reminder, before I get into the fic (I know, get on with the fic, but this actually pertains to the way the final round will play), to check either the vote link at the end, or on the main page. If you want to see a certain fighter win, then you must vote for them to win their match. You never know, a single vote could be the difference between DKO and victory.

Now, on with the fic (I can hear you, "finally!" ^^).


"Round 4, Fight 1, Terry v Geese!"

How many times have I fought him? How many times have I thought him to be defeated? How many times has this madman come back--stronger than ever? This time, he seems to be at his best. It has been a long, and difficult fight, for each of us.

He has fought Basara in the opening round, a dead man! Geese's evil is well known, for it is spoken in the land of the dead, nearly 200 years before his birth! I am afraid to find out what all is said about him; I doubt I would like it.

Next, he battles with Amakusa. Amakusa holds the larger stone, the one which Geese seems to have such an interest in. From what I could tell from Tam-Tam, that is some nasty stuff he has. I can't recall everything, but in one instance, it helped a cripple to walk. That is but a sample of it's power. I don't want to know what else it can do, especially if Geese controls it. Itís bad enough that Ryuji and Genjuro have them!

Lastly, Geese fought his own partner, Krauser. It was a very...intense fight. However, Geese showed a new low, even for him. He drugged Krauser, allowing him to merely snatch up a tainted victory. I'll bet Krauser isn't happy over that one.

As for me, my road hasn't been a cake walk...whatever that's supposed to mean. My first opponent wasn't a slouch, and with the size of his weapon, I'm rather lucky I was able to come out of that one the winner. Kyoshiro is a very strong man, and is more than capable of winning. It was just lucky for me that I won.

My second fight was fast and furious, and I knew there that Geese and Krauser were trying to eliminate me fast. I suppose that Amakusa and Zankuro were also trying to eliminate Haohmaru. I guess, in that respect, they were a tad successful. Only thing is, he still lives.

I had no idea as to how strong Ryuji truly is. He took out nearly everyone, like he said he would. Just why is he willing to do this? That is the part that scares me the most. He wants Blue Mary for himself. The very thought chills me, and I can guess how Mary feels. I thank Master Tung for his encouragement--I only wish it didn't cost him his life. Ryuji's still out there, waiting, I know.

This last fight was as intense as any of them. I fought Mizuki! It's rather odd, when I think about it. Mizuki had fought and defeated Mary in the preliminary. Mizuki almost killed Mary, too. It was that blasted monster that nearly killed Mary, and ensnared Mizuki again. I think the only way that I was able to win this one was that the demon had to fight me, and Mizuki. That's too close.

Now, I fight you once more, Geese. I hope you'll do me a favor: STAY DOWN!

Terry extended his hand, and clenched it as a spark of fire lit his eyes. Geese merely nodded his head, and grumbled something.

Each were staring the other down. Terry knew he couldn't just move in, like he had before. It would take little effort for Gees to stop anything from a Burn Knuckle to a Power Wave. Anything else, either would bring him in, but would leave him open. He needed for Geese to make the first move, so that he could counter it.

Geese was equally aware of the situation. The only thing he could unleash, that Terry would have difficulty in countering would be a Violent Wave. Even his best Crack Shot would put him at the end of it, the same being true of his Power Dunk. Anything else would send him head on into it, or just barely get him over it, putting him inside of it. Geese also wanted to wait, to save it for when it was needed.

"Power Wave!"

"Hmn! Double Reppu Ken!"

As Geese unleashed the move, Terry rolled to the side, and then leapt toward Geese with a sharp kick across the face, just as Geese finished his move, neutralizing Terry's.

Terry moved in for a Power Tackle, followed by smashing Geese with several fists from his Rising Tackle.

Geese was faster to recover, and his air fireball crashed into Terry, sending him to the ground. Terry flipped up to his feet, only for Geese to grab him by the neck, and slam his head into the ground. Terry was up, and shot in for a Burn Knuckle, only for Geese to grab it, and toss Terry over his head. Geese then leapt through the air, chopping at Terry, and driving him through the ground.

"Come, come, Terry! Do not tell me, that after all this time, you have yet learned how to win! After all of your major fights, none of them prepared you for little ol' me! It has been said that you were able to face off against the very god of war, Mars. It's even been said that you were the last who wasn't of either Bloodline, to stand against Orochi! You've done all that, yet you cannot offer me more than a surprise upstart? You are barely more of a challenge than Jeff!"

The words ripped through Terry's mind, heart, and soul. Jeff was, as far as he and Andy were concerned, their father. Geese was, as far as they were concerned, the one who killed him. They weren't every going to forgive, nor forget.

Terry slid in with his Fire Kick, staggering Geese. A Round Wave stunned Geese, as a sharp kick from Terry knocked him off to the side. Terry leapt in with another kick, aimed to take Geese down, for good.

"You worthless fool! You NEVER learn! RAGING STORM!"

This one could easily surpass the one he unleashed upon Krauser. It towered higher than any could dare to guess. The power was horrific, for one so evil to have, and now, it seemed he would be unopposed to shape time as he saw fit. Maybe, on of the others could stop him.

"Terry, Bogard. I'm sorry to see that you weren't the challenge you had proven to be in the past. You were good, but in the end, you proved to be predictable. Now, there is only two who may oppose me. Burn in Hell, little boy!"

Geese turned, and walked toward the exit, his mind now intent on how he was going to get what was rightfully his from Ryuji, and Genjuro. It would take a lot, but Ryuji could be bought. Genjuro; he didn't know.

"Forget about me! Heh! Burn Knuckle! POWER GEYSER!"

Geese didn't even feel Terry's strength, as he had risen. He hadn't even turned around, as the fist crashed into the back of his head. Terry had long lost count of the number, but now, he was sure that he had added one more to the series of Geysers, and Geese was rocked into the exit, as the final one drove him into it. Geese fell, not moving as he hit the ground.

"If you don't have the stuff, don't flap your gums!"

"Winner of Round 4, Fight 1, Terry!"


"Round 4, Fight 2, King v Galford!"

So, this ought to be an interesting match. We have the last woman in this tournament, facing off the last samurai in this tournament. Actually, in my special case, it is a ninja...not that anyone is too concerned with such technicalities.

I'm glad Rimururu is watching over Nakoruru. That was a nasty hit she took, even though it was sort of funny. To be honest, I'm not sure if I feel guilty.

She does have her sister, Mamahaha, and Silkururu to watch over her. Yet, I don't know--maybe I should have had Poppy stay with her, too. I guess it's just an old habit, that when I go into battle, I expect Poppy to follow me. Iím probably worrying over nothing. Then again, with all that's going on...

Maybe Nak would say that she had enough protection, and it's me that needs Poppy for protection! I would be so worried about her, that I would almost get myself killed! Probably wouldn't be the first time, and I know it won't be the last time!

I can hardly believe it; I'm almost in the finals! It took nearly everything I had to do it! I've got some ugly scars, but they'll heal, in time. I also got to spend some good time with Ryo, so it's been worth it!

I'm just afraid that by the time the next team KOF rolls around, Mai's going to try to join up with Andy. I can't say that I really blame her. She's very loyal to her man. Me, my relationship with Ryo's always been rocky, at best. It's only recently, and I guess it's also because of Jan, that I've really become motivated. I can feel it; I'm going to make him proud. If I get through this, I'll be testing my skills against the legendary "Lone Wolf," Terry Bogard!

I would join Ryo, but his ties with Robert, and his father, Takuma, kind of have him tied down. Yuri's lucky, though; she gets to team up with Robert.

I guess it's good that I've talked a bit with Ling, as well as Mary. Chizuru, for now, seems to have put the KOF out of her mind. With Orochi gone, for now, as well as Goenitz, she doesn't have much of a reason to compete. If need be, I wonder if I could find Kasami...

"Come on, baby!"

"Hey! Shouldn't that be my line, King? I mean, after all..."

"One's sex has nothing to do with it. The one left standing is victorious."

She went for a Surprise Rose, but Galford warped, and crashed down into her, blade spinning. Poppy countered the first shot, while a Plasma Blade neutralized the second Double Strike. Galford leapt in at King, and she went for a Tornado Kick, only for Poppy to dive into her, flooring her.

Galford grabbed her, and flipped, slamming King into the ground. King braced herself with her hands, and flipped over to her feet. She then did another flip, and caught Galford in her Trap Shot. The final kick sent Galford flying, but gave him enough time to plan his next move.

King followed right behind him, and began to spin with a fury of kicks. Galford phased through them, and several images of him began to spin around her, leaving her to kick air.


Galford grabbed King, and ripped off into the sky. When they landed, a mass explosion of electricity rippled outward.

"Whew! That was..."

King grabbed Galford, and flipped him over her. Although he was taken by surprise, Galford was able to land on his feet. King was ready, and kneed Galford a few times, before she smacked him with her hand, knocking whatever taste he had in his mouth out, along with some blood.

"Don't even think that this is over!"

"Right! Go, Poppy!"

Poppy shot like a bullet toward King. She waited for the last second, before she flipped over Poppy. She the did a backflip, before she shot at Galford. Galford also waited, before he sidestepped, allowing King to glide by her.

King almost caught him with a second Trap Shot, only for Galford to slide around her. As she turned, he shoved her, causing King to stumble back. He brought her off her feet with a Plasma Blade.

"Now, let's go for a second ride!"

Galford lifted her up, and shot up again, with the same results as before.

No, I can't take a second hit like that, she thought, as he grabbed her. Her mind was flashing rapid thoughts to her. Her working with Big. Being let go. Her hatred for Ryo, and her nearly killing him. The friendship she had, and that of Jan's, with Yuri. The partnership with Ducky, and the disaster that had recently struck. Jan could be faced with another need to be hospitalized--it was so unpredictable.

As she hit the ground, her mind screamed out her one hope: JAN!

Galford was still glowing from the electricity, as was King. He wasn't sure what it was, as they didn't tell him much more. All he knew was that he, and Haohmaru, were needed, to help guard Hisame. He would be the key to this.

He had already proved that he was a worthy fighter. He had been the one to eliminate Ryuji from this tournament. That was almost impossible. Now, it was up to him to pull off the big one!

"It's over!"


King flipped over, and knocked Galford's head back. Poppy tried to help, but a kick knocked her down. Several more kicks were followed, until she shot up, rocking Galford, and sending him crashing, hard.

"Hit the showers, stud! I'm a woman! Here me roar! Uaaah!"

"Winner of Round 4, Fight 2, King!"


"Well fought, King. I guess it's down to you, and me, eh?"

"Why bother? We know the purpose to the tournament. Let us end it."

"Ah, come on, King," Ryo interrupted, "Don't tell us you aren't curious to test your skills against The Man, Terry Bogard!"

"All right! You're on. Let's each take some rest! Then, we'll see who will be kicking butt!"

They shook hands, each ready for the fight of their lives.

"Hello, again, Genjuro. Did you miss me? It seems that fate has brought us together, to use the power of these babies! Ready to cause some major chaos?"

"With the power of these stones, Geese sought to rule over all. He failed to understand what it meant, by bringing it under our control. The over zealous fool! It will be his undoing! He has done an even greater favor, by putting the control of time in our hands!"

Each, now under the control of the Dark One, through the orbs each has, now holds more power than can be imagined. The very control of our world is in these two demons' hands. If only Geese knew of this blunder, he would never have invited Ryuji along, nor would Amakusa enlist Genjuro.

"So, Galford, it looks like I'll be watching you for a bit."

"Not funny, Rim!" Galford groaned.

"I don't know, I kind of think it is. The big, strong, tough guy, being nursed by a young girl. I think it's what you would call--ironic?"

"Urrr, I'd call it tragic, Nak!"

The girls laughed, and Galford just lay, half focused on what had happened, half on what was next. Whatever was going to happen, would come soon. He could feel it. It would take all of them to pull it off. It wasn't over yet!

Yea! That leaves us with Terry Bogard v King (um, I don't know the last name...I also doubt that King is her real name, but then again, what do I know! ^_~).

Like I said, this is based on how netters vote. Geese v Terry, I guess that could have gone either way.

Galford v King--let's face it, man v woman. If it comes down to that, or "last samurai v last woman," most will want to see the woman. Guys will, because they want to read a bit more about a battling babe. As for gals, they want to see a lady kick ass, so that they can, even if it's remote, be able to identify with the winner. Still, the fight in the poll was pretty close.

Look for 30 probably finishing out the fighting, and for the fic to be wrapped up in 2-5 more after that. It's taken it's time, but it's nearly over! I hear it: "IT'S ABOUT TIME!" [;