THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

Canto 22: First Times!



"Round 2, Fight 4, Kurko v Hanzo!"

So, I am amongst those who were successful in making it to the second round in this tournament, a tournament that is held by my very flesh-and-blood, my son, Amakusa Shiro Toshin! It is odd, at times, it almost seems as if the evil that possesses him is gone. At other times, it seems as if the evil has all but consumed him. I think I am just starting to get an understanding of this. I know that he is a good person, but this thing that is controlling him...and this teaming with Zankuro could be his end. Zankuro is evil, and would probably slice Shiro in two in the blink of an eye. May the forces that have guided us through this watch over you. May we be reunited soon, my boy,

"Are you ready, Hanzo, for our match?"

"I burn for justice, and I will succeed! Let us begin, Kurko!" and faster than Kurko could respond, Hanzo disappeared, and reappeared, blasting so high into the air, that they seemed to disappear from sight. They reappeared as Hanzo dove Kurko's skull into the ground, followed by a towering inferno that would seem to be columns from Hell!

"Forgive me. I did not want to use so deadly a technique, but I must make it to the next round to confront Shiro."

"I understand," began Kurko, much to Hanzo's shock, "the concern you have of him. I am glad to see that you have reached such a level. Now, let us see if you can handle yourself," and Hanzo's was dumb-struck as Kurko morphed into him, only the color of their outfits seemed to differ.

"H, how can you do that? What manner of, magic is this? You obviously aren't any human! Who, or what, are you?"

"I, like Caffeine, am a hunter of dark demons. We also watch the powers and potential of warriors, yourself included. As I am sure you can guess, we become very knowledgeable of several things in life, including this Dark Power, those of the future call Orochi."

"Hmm...then you may know of how to defeat that evil? Is it possible for us, or is it the call of another that must do so?"

"In order to seal the Orochi, the Three Clans are needed. Alas, none of them are here. However, considering the power that Haohmaru wields, he may be able to--plug it up, but not to seal it."

"What of this Terry person?"

"From what I know, they are very close in their level of power. I think that they should both be able to take their respective opposition. Now, to see if you can take what you gave," and in the exact manner, Kurko teleported, and put Hanzo on the same ride that he had received earlier. This time, the ground shook. The tower of fire was higher, wider, and much more intense. Hanzo didn't seem to move.

Hanzo was barely able to stand up, but it did not surprise Kurko. He knew that if he could take the fury, Hanzo could. However, Kurko had more fire to it, thus making it harder for Hanzo to recover.

Without saying a word, Kurko pounded the ground, and the trail of fire drove toward Hanzo. It took most of his current reserves to escape it, but not without his scarf being burned in the attempt. He thanked God that he got through that one. However, Kurko grabbed him, and flipped him over, and into the ground, knocking the wind out of Hanzo.

Kurko disappeared, only to reappear above Hanzo a short distance in the sky, and dove at Hanzo.

"NOW!" shouted Hanzo as he pounded into the earth, seemingly to call fire from its very core up to help him. Kurko was burned, and fell to the ground, defeated.

"Winner of Round 2, Fight 4, Hanzo!"

"Hey, Hanzo. You don't look to hot! Then again, that may be you problem. You are going to need some major rest time. Come on!" and Poppy offered as much support as she could, while Galford helped Hanzo back.


"Round 2, Fight 5, Mai v Charlotte!"

You just know that I'm spoiling you. Instead of doing something else, I'm giving you the match between two of the hottest babes in this story--enjoy!

I am very worried about them both. There is a lot that they are going to be facing, and I can tell that both of them are starting to doubt that they will be able to succeed. It doesn't make it any easier for me! They are both looking at me for the "brave and smiley face." Who do I have to help me, though? What a fine trio: Hisame, Haohmaru, and myself.

Hisame is still haunted by what that devil, Zankuro, told him. I don't blame the poor boy--that sort of thing would scare me to death! I can only guess as to how this will effect him. I am just glad Rimururu has been there for him. The circumstances are...unique. Still, he does need someone like her to stand by him, and she needs him as much, for she is also experiencing her own conflicts, especially her first big lose to King. Those two, with some work, will be ok. It's Haohmaru that I'm truly concerned about, as well as myself.

First off, he has both Amakusa and Zankuro to contend with. Each of them want to mutilate him, and devour his soul. I'm sure he could handle each of them, as long as he keeps his cool, and he doesn't try to fight them both. Who am I kidding? This is Haohmaru--he'll try to do both of them, and then he'll go for Genjuro!

I swear, those two are behaving worse than little boys! Shizumaru acts better than they do! They take it way too far! I'm not sure who is at fault on that one. They are both so pig-headed about that; somebody just needs to knock some sense into both of them to let them know that it's useless. Somehow, I doubt it will happen.

Then, I may soon have to contend with Mizuki. She was about to kill Kyoshiro, when I let her know it wasn't going to happen, in a less than subtle manner. She, along with her pet are going to be looking for revenge, and I'm not sure...

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Ling, what in blazes are you doing, girl?!" moaned Joe, as Ling was literally leading him by the nose.

"Well, Mai, I guess we taught her a little too well. I think we forgot to tell her to not be so literal!"

"Oh! You mean it was only supposed to be a figure of speech! Oops, my mistake!" and Mai and King both laughed at their prank.

Ling joined up with them, and Joe was glad, as his nose was about as red as a beet. Andy and Ryo, who had been in a training match, to help Ryo prepare for his next match, came up to Joe, and asked what happened.

"What happened!? I'll tell you what the HELL happened--your girl Mai's a loon! She got Ling to lead me around by the nose!"

"I'm sure she does that to Andy," Ryo joked.

"I mean literally--that's how my nose got so red! She has a tight pinch!"

Terry and Mary came up, wondering what all the fuss was about. Joe ranted about how crazy Mai was, and before you knew it, the other gals would start to do it. Suddenly, a strange look came over all of the girls, a look of evil.

The guys looked at Joe, mad that he gave them such an idea. He pointed to his nose, as if to say "It's not my fault! Don't think I wanted this; it hurts like Hell!"

Suddenly, Joe decided that it would be a good time to start getting in shape for his match, and the rest of the guys followed him. The gals started to follow. Mai then recalled that she had a match, and told them to watch Andy for her. They all laughed, and Mai went to meet Charlotte.

"Good to see you, Mai. Are you ready? I have heard a lot about you. Ready to meet your match?"

"Bring it on, baby! I've got all that you can take, and more!"

Each thought of what they had heard about their rival, and for a brief moment, each seemed to be in a sort of trance.

Charlotte had heard about Mai taking Gen-an out in one hit from Hisame. He was worried about her, asking how she would fare. Charlotte reminded him that Gen-an lasted longer in their match. She knew that she could handle Mai.

Mai was wondering if she could be able to defeat Charlotte. While she only took out some freak with one hit, Charlotte had taken out Mizuki in one hit! Now that had to be power! She tried to ease herself by saying that Mizuki had dropped her guard, and was focused on Kyoshiro. She was also more...out with her man. Whereas Mai may be a little--hard with Andy, Charlotte had, on a few occasions, taken her blade to Haohmaru. Now that was fire!

Charlotte made a quick slice in the air with her sword, and a huge triangle shot at Mai. Mai was almost unprepared for it, but a quick spin, and her Dragon Fire Dance neutralized it. Charlotte shot in with her Splash Front, but Mai shot over it, and attempted to follow up with her Deadly Ninja Bees. Charlotte paused a second, and rolled under it. Mai turned, and was caught by Charlotte's Violent Sword, as Charlotte swung her sword back, thrust it forward, and a long aura of power hit Mai, taking a good part of what little an outfit she had.

Mai looked at the cut, which was big, but nothing fatal.

"Wanna play hard? Try these!" and Mai hurled three fans of fire. Charlotte easily jumped over them, as Mai had planned. She shot into the air, spun, and Charlotte was engulfed by Mai's fury.

"Yeah! I'm number 1!"

"Not even! Here's something for you!" and Charlotte ripped through the sky, taking Mai with her, as a green trail of power followed them. Mai felt like she was being ripped apart, and felt like she was turning--green, or something.

Charlotte looked at her, and exclaimed, "It's Gen-an's poison. You must have been hit by a big spray, for it to come back like this! If we keep going, the poison will spread like a plague, and you will be dead by nightfall!"

"Thank you for your concern, but I can make it. Let's do it!"

"I think you are mistaken. You don't understand the nature of his poison. Only another of his name could take it, become as you have, and be able to live. If this is what you want, may the after-life be kind to you!" and Mai began to doubt if she had really fucked up.

Mai caught Charlotte with her Flying Dragon Blast, as Charlotte was moving in cautiously. WHAT! Why didn't she get fried?!

"I warned you, Mai! The poison is already hindering your judgment. Against another, you would be dead. I won't ask you to reconsider, for I, like you, will keep fighting. Now!" and after a second's pause, Charlotte formed a violent ballet of slices that formed a huge star pattern, and Mai was racked with pain like never before. It was worse than being shot across time. How could she get through this?

Charlotte looked at Mai, who was now on her hands and knees, breathing heavily. She was tattered and stained with her own blood. Her skin had a faint color of purple in it, the result of Gen-an's poison.

Charlotte looked at herself. Her hair was charred, as was some of her skin from Mai's Meteor. Her armor was also heavily dented from the kick of Mai's Blast. She could only guess what would have happened had that kick hit her face. Then, for an unknown reason, she thought of the dream Haohmaru had shared with her. Genjuro killed Hisame, and she quickly followed, right before Haohmaru's eyes. Did it mean anything? Did it hold any truth?

"Yaaahh!" shouted Mai, as she spun, fire exploding from her core, and she fried Charlotte with her Super Deadly Ninja Bees! She wrapped her legs around Charlotte, and smacked her into the ground. She took out a fan, and was about to nail Charlotte with it, when Charlotte grabbed Mai's arm, slid under her, and tossed Mai over her head.

"So, you are still in this. You have a lot of reserve. I admire that. How long can you go on, before the poison takes you?"

"I don't know; let's find out!" and Mai timed a fan to knock Charlotte's sword out of her hand. Quickly, they locked hands, each trying to gain an advantage over the other. If Charlotte could get her sword, she could finish it. If she went for her sword, though, she would be vulnerable to Mai. Mai was also playing the same thoughts, for she couldn't seem to be able to match up with Charlotte. Charlotte then let go, and Mai fell to her face. Charlotte rolled and got her sword, and turned just in time to stop a fan that was aimed for her spine.

"What? I feel it! It's coming!"

"Damn straight!" yelled Mai, and Charlotte was surprised at how fast Mai moved in.

She came in with a Deadly Ninja Bees, and Charlotte side-stepped. She went for a Violent Sword, but Mai slid under it, the second kick knocked Charlotte back, just as Mai had time to knock out Charlotte with three of her fans.

"Winner of Round 2, Fight 5, Mai!"

Then, Mai felt the darkness that Charlotte had felt--Mizuki and her Demon!

"I would have liked to have beaten her," began the voice of death, "but I shall enjoy her agonizing torture when she awakens. Now, be gone, or share Charlotte's fate!"

"Fat chance, bitch! You can't make me!"

Mizuki laughed madly, and both then paused. Mizuki disappeared, as a Haoh Sho Koh Ken, Power Geyser, Screw Upper, a Confusion Bomb, Poppy, and some large fireball she hadn't seen Andy use since they first met Rick and Ling.

"Beat it, witch! You are out numbered!" yelled Joe.

"Justice will win over your evil!" and Poppy barked.

"You leave them alone!" spoke Andy as he had when they confronted Laocorn.

"You aren't going to even think about attacking them, right?" and everybody turned, glad to see Haohmaru...Mizuki faded away.

"Come on, let's get them back," said Haohmaru, as he gently lifted Charlotte up, and took her back.

Mai turned to Andy, and to her surprise, he took her up in his arms, and they headed back. She looked like she was in a dream, and wrapped her arms around him.


" Round 2, Fight 6, Billy Kane v Nakoruru!"

"Hey, hey, hey!"

"What, what, what!" replied Nakoruru, as she laughed at Billy.

"Cute! Now!" and he thrust his kane into her, and followed up with two more hits, frying Nakoruru. Mamahaha and Silkururu tried to help, but he fended them off by spinning his kane, and knocked them back.

"Aw! Did I hurt ya, li'l girl. You and your precious pets get a boo-boo! What do you think you are going to do..?" and Billy was knocked off his feet as she glided across the ground, and he fell to his face.

She leapt up to Mamahaha, and dove at Kane, and Mamahaha followed. He laughed sinisterly, as he leapt up, his kane spinning in front of him, and he took them both down. As he landed, Silkururu knocked him to his ass. He then returned to help Nakoruru up.

"Ready for some hard-ball?" and in a blur, he brought down his kane with the force of thunder.

Nakoruru yelled out in pain as she felt as if nature itself was attacking her. She then felt his stick ram into her gut, and she was lifted high above his head. She had wondered what it was he had done during that move, and she found out. It wasn't the shaking of the stick that was the threat; it was actually being drive into her gut, like a spike into Mother Earth. Each twist was faster and faster, and it felt like her insides would start to flow out, and she felt sick! She felt even worse when he dropped her into the ground.

"It was fun, hoe! Time to...those things just don't learn! Fire!" shouted Billy, as his kane spun around him, and he set Mamahaha and Silkururu on fire!

"Now, where was...what!" and to his surprise, Nakoruru took a suicide dive, and connected. She began to wildly smack him with some kind of--cape! As her friends were too weak to help her finish, she stopped before the final hit. She then crouched down, and shot into the air, taking Billy with her. He landed on his head, and was out!

Nakoruru was on her knees, and looked to her friends. She wasn't sure if she could stay awake any longer.

"Winner of Round 2, Fight 6, Nakoruru!"

"Sis!" exclaimed Rimururu as she ran to Nakoruru, followed Hisame.

"Come on, Poppy!" and the heroic duo came to help Nakoruru.

"G, Galford," said Nakoruru, and then she went black.

"Where am I?"

"Easy, sister. You've been out for a long while. It's a good thing you had a good's been a long while since lunch had ended. Don't worry, Poppy is with Silkururu. Mamahaha's right where she usually is," and she pointed to where her friend lay. She was hurt, but would live.

"Well, glad to see you are awake! I'll guess that you are hungry. I know that they don't want us to be taking what we aren't going to eat, but I think we can make this exception," and Nakoruru smiled as he set a small package down on a cabinet, and sat beside her.

"Look at them! I think they are truly happy together," and Rimururu turned to see Hisame. They looked at each other intently, closed their, eyes, and shared a kiss. A second earlier, Nakoruru leaned over, and surprised Galford with a firm kiss on his lips.

Well, I hope this has been worth the wait! I also hope some fans of this quartet are happy, too! ~_^

Next, for your viewing pleasure will be Terry v Haohmaru; keep watching!