THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic

THE Fatal Fury vs Samurai Showdown Epic


Canto11: Round 1!


Kane v Caffeine


As mentioned, the majority of matches were dominated by votes for Samurai. This is how it was for voting; if you're an FF fan, you should have either let others know to vote, or vote so for round 2! Maybe it's because SS has weapons, or maybe I had to go to many sites to get SS stuff. As such, I put a link to their site, and some put one to mine. Whatever the `reason,' to avoid a lot of hate-mail, I want to clear that up now. Thanks for taking time, understanding, and making this the most visited fic in GFD! [; Now, let rd 1 begin!

Round 1, Fight 1: Billy Kane v Caffeine Nicotine!
(FYI: Geese and Krauser will rotate for announcing the opening fights, Amakusa and Zankuro; winners. This way, I won't have to constantly say: Geese"...Fight!" Then, Amakusa: "Winner..!" Also, all matches will be fought in the abandoned square, which has been sealed off by Geese and Krauser's men. They are in the 1800s. FF's in the 19s, SS's in the 17s, so they can't fight in their old stages, can they?)

"Fight 1! Billy vs Nicotine! Fight!"

"Won't you old has-beens learn? You're too old for this! Save yourself the heart attack and simply forfeit!"

"Heh! So young and strong, yet so cocky and ignorant! I shall enjoy whipping your butt!"

"Save your breath, bloke! You'll need it! Once I take you down, you'll need everything you can get!"

With that, Billy vaulted with his stick into the air, intent on striking his foe's head, ending it instantly. However, Nicotine was too smart for it, and merely rolled out of the way. As Billy landed and turned around, he was gripped by Nicotine's weapon, and shocked by several volts of electricity. Nicotine then released a blue card, which turned into a bird-like creature, and shot toward a semi shocked Billy. Upon impact, Billy was set afire, and yelled in pain.

"See? You should be kind to your elders, especially when they can do something about it!"

"Do like I told Orochi...DROP DEAD! You are nothing to me! The only one I follow is my boss, Geese!"

"Ah, yes! The Master, and his Dog! Loyal and obeying without any questions asked. You let some one rule over your life, tell you what to do, and how to live. You are little more than a zombie under your boss's control. Whatever he says, you do, for you don't dare speak up. Too many of your kind are afraid to unite and demand fair treatment. If it wasn't for you, your `boss' would be nothing! Too many of you will sell your soul, instead of doing what's right! I pity the future!"

"Up yours, you butt wipe! You know nothing of the future! You know only what you hear, and that's a load of crud! Unless you are right there, doing the work, you have no right to judge! Maybe you'll learn that lesson in the after-life, Nicotine! With a name like yours, it's no wonder your mind's warped!"

Billy thrust his cane at Nicotine, only to have him leap over it. Before he could counter, Nicotine landed next to him, got in his face, and blew smoke into Billy's face, dropping him momentarily. As Billy got to his feet, Nicotine unleashed a red card, which turned into a cat-like animal. This time, Billy was prepared with a block. Nicotine ran in to follow up, but was met by a series of hits as Billy spun his club, sending his eager foe to the ground. Billy moved in cautiously, for he had learned form previous fights not to become too overconfident. Last time it happened, he was smashed into the side of of mountain. He had to be hospitalized for a month. Had he not been Geese's number one, and had Raiden not left, he probably would have been left to handle the bill himself.

As he was nearly upon Nicotine, Nicotine shot up, yelled something that Billy didn't catch, and a huge explosion of power erupted from the very air around them. Billy was fortunate enough to block, but was still knocked back into a tree, and to his knees.

"Hm, it seems you really are good! Only those who are of a special quality could survive that attack, blocking or otherwise. Most impressive! Most impressive indeed!"

"Shut-up! Women...hit harder than that! You're nearly finished, fool! You're power is nothing! You aren't a Yagami!" Billy concluded as he slowly made his way to his feet.

Nicotine stopped his approach toward Billy at the mention of one of the Three Clans.

"A Yagami? Where? Do you have any idea what this could mean? And what of a Kagura and Kusanagi? The Dark One's come so soon?"

"Easy, old man! Keep your shirt on! The only Orochi here's Yamazaki! As for you, feel my Fire!" as he finished, he started to spin his club around again, assaulting Nicotine not only with a series of hits from his club, but from fire as well! Nicotine yelled in pain from the inferno, before losing conscience.

"Winner of Fight 1, Round 1, Billy!"


Round 1, Fight 2: Haohmaru v Bob

Bob was doing a series of warm-ups to help get himself ready for his powerful foe. He knew he'd need every bit of it, for he had heard that his opponent had the power to rival the great Terry Bogard, the man who had defeated Geese Howard and Wolfgang Krauser. If there's anyone that can rival that power, I'm going to be in for a Helluva fight. Still, I haven't been fighting for this long if I didn't know what he was doing. Still, I feel like a bit of a wreck, and I may look like one too! This whole time travel thing is really unnerving. What if we do something that seems lame, like fall in love with an ancestor, or they fall in love with us? The bad thing, there's no script here. If something happens, man! I DON'T want to know about it!

"Round 1, Fight 2: Bob Wilson vs Haohmaru! Fight! Hey, where's that blasted Haohmaru! His fight is about to begin, and he isn't here! Where is he?"

The few people who had gathered, amongst them was Charlotte and Hisame, fell dead with silence. Everyone looked around, not sure of what to do, or what to expect. It was most unlike him. If there was a tournament in which he was participating in, he would be there. In fact, he'd often be hours early, training for his upcoming fights.

"I'm afraid we will have to disqualify Haohmaru for not showing up!"

"Wait! Let me find him! I'm sure he just forgot."

"Very well, my dear. You've 30 minutes, starting now. If you aren't here, he'll forfeit!"

Wtih that, Charlotte left the little arena, while Hisame tagged along behind her.

"Ah, Charlotte? What do you think happened to him? He's always ready for his fights, and is not one to miss his fight. Say, you don't think it's Genjuro again, do you?"

At the mention of the name, Charlotte stopped dead, and Hisame bumped into her, not expecting her to stop like that.

"Hey, Charlotte! What are you doing? What's wrong?"

"A mad man's laughter echoes throughout the halls. Later, the same screams in pain as his very blood boils to the point of nearly exploding. His time will soon approach-" Charlotte said in a entranced voice, seemingly unaware of her surroundings.

"Huh? Charlotte!? Stop it! That's not funny! What in the world are you talking about?"

"Hisame? I'm sorry for stopping so suddenly. It's just that...that is...well, when you mentioned Genjuro, and I think of his undying hatred for Haohmaru--I hope he's ok!"

For a while, Hisame just stood there, looking blankly at what her. He did not understand any of it. What did it mean, and why did Charlotte not seem to recall any of it whatsoever? Perhaps, Charlotte had a vision or warning about something that was soon to happen, or precognition. Maybe it was simply what we call "woman's intuition." It could just be a simple point of suspense to get you to keep reading. Why would Charlotte be the one to get a warning about Ryuji, when her thoughts are on Haohmaru and Genjuro? If anyone, perhaps the warning should go to Mary...

Away from everyone, deep in the nearby forest, was the missing Haohmaru. He did what he would always does; practice, practice, practice. He had a lot to think of, and this was the only way for him to clear his head. It was too much for him. Charlotte was right (as usual) in that he was looked at once again for leadership. Again, he had wanted nothing to do with leading these men and women. He was a loner, not a leader. He never asked for this responsibility, nor did he really care to lead. So, why was he doing it? The answer, to a certain level, was obvious. Charlotte. She made it seem like if he didn't do it, he'd be the world's biggest ass-hole. It would also be the way of a coward and not honorable to put himself before his duty, whether he wanted to or not. He hated it when she did that to him. Yet, there was more, as there always was.

She had told him that whatever his decision was, she'd stand by him. Even if it peeved off everyone else, she'd stand by his side, and fight if need be. That, he really respected. Although he wouldn't tell her, he loved a woman who could stand up for herself, and wasn't afraid. Plus, she was a good a fighter as him, something Oshizu couldn't do. Oshizu? There's that name again. She seems like some long forgotten dream that has only recently started to resurface. What must she be thinking, er, what did she think, or something. Crugh! This time travel thing is confusing the Hell outa just about everyone (even the writer). My thoughts could go on forever, and I think I could too!


"What? Charlotte? Hang on, I'm coming!"

How does she do that? No matter where I seem to go, she finds me. I'll ask, after I find out what...NO!

"I thought this hoe would get your attention, Haohmaru. Now, we end this, once and for all! Oops! My blade's still stained!" and Genjuro wiped his bloody blade on the back of Hisame's prone corpse. Charlotte was also covered in blood, and was having trouble sitting. Genjuro was holding her limp body firmly, preventing any attempts at opposition.

"Foul fiend of Hades! You don't know when to quit!"

"This fiend will have your butt!"

"We'll see about that!"

"Very well, Haohmaru. You're finished! But first..!"

Charlotte screamed in agonizing pain as Genjuro thrust his blade into her back. Her eyes looked hazily at the man she loved. She tried to speak and move, but nothing happened. Her eyes shut, and she fell on her face. Genjuro raged with laughter.


"Why, this is my present to you, my dear Haohmaru. The death of your adopted boy, your would be lover, and you! Just think, in a few moments, you'll all be together. What a pleasant nightmare!" and Genjuro leapt with his blade high over his head, ready to kill off his old rival.


"What? Huh? Damn!" yelled Haohmaru as he fell out of his bed!


Wearily, he went to the door of his room. As he opened it, he was met by Charlotte's fist in his face, knocking him over.


"Is that how you tell people that you don't like waiting at doors?"

"Well, you should have answered the first time I knocked. And I think you better have a little more on."

"What?" and as he looked down, all he had was the equivalent of boxers (but without the hearts).

Hisame came in, asking what happened. She told him to go get some cold water. Haohmaru had a small misfortune. Without anything more, he left, glad that his good friend was ok.

"...a small misfortune? I'd hate to be on the receiving end of a big one. Just why were you trying to break my door down any way? I know how you feel, but I think you're overdoing it a bit."

"That's not why I came. Do you know that while you've been sleeping, your match was supposed to start. You only have ten minutes! I've been trying to get you to answer for the last five minutes!"

"You mean I'm up now! So soon! I didn't think my fight was until..."

"If you would pay attention more, you'd know that you are the second fight!"

As he finished, he debated as to whether or not he should share his dream with her. It seemed dumb; she could more than take care of herself, and he had the ache to prove it. Still, Genjuro wouldn't fall like that. He wasn't even sure if he had the power to do stop him. Hisame came back with a small pail of cold water and a cloth. Charlotte took them and told him to let them know that Haohmaru was on his way.

She then submerged the cloth in the icy water, wrung it, and got ready. Haohmaru said he could do it by himself and didn't need her to mother him. She insisted, saying that it was her fault, and she wanted to make amends. He said it wasn't her fault, but she still said she would tend to his bruise.

"Ah, Charlotte, there's something I need to tell you!"

"It will have to wait, Haohmaru. You'll just be able to make it if you move now."

"It's about me and Oshizu..."

Charlotte looked at him, finished up, and tossed him his sword, and made for the door.

"Hold it, please," he said, grabbing her arm, though eased when he realized how hard his grip was, "It's also about us, you and me. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if one of us died? If your most dreaded enemy killed one, and then the other, just so that they could see their death before their own death."

"It sounds like you were talking about your dream. It's going to have to wait. Let's move! Now!" concluded Charlotte as she freed herself from his hand, and made way for the small arena. Dumbstruck, he followed.

All Charlotte could think was, I'm sorry. Forgive me, but you have things that you must do. If you won't do it on your own, I'll have to get you going. Thank you.

"All right, Haohmaru! This ends now!"

"Hey, I'm trying to get to my match!"

"Over my dead body!"

"NO! Over MY dead body!" came a commanding voice from Charlotte, "If you want Haohmaru, you will go through me first! He has a match to attend to. Your silly quest will wait! You have to choose now as to which is more important. Is it your quest for vengeance? Will you kill a woman just to fulfill your mad drive, or will you simply wait your time?"

"First, I need to know who your guardian angle is, and then kill him. Then, we'll settle this, looser. You can't hide forever!" and with the fire of Hades, Genjuro stormed off.

"I wish you didn't say `over my dead body.' The guy's nuts!"

"Maybe, but he still won't strike a woman, unless in combat. Now get in there and show them how it's done..!" before she could finish, he grabbed her arm, pulled her close to him and kissed her for an eternity, like nothing else mattered.


"For luck, babe! Thanks, with these nuts all roaming around, I'll need it. Be careful."

"Be careful?!"

"Yea, some one ran out of ideas!"

"It's about time you showed up!"

"Glad to see you care, Zankuro. With everything that's happening, I's beginning to think that nobody cared about me!"

"You're right, they don't! Now, to begin."

"Wait a second! Guy, you don't have a weapon of any kind. I don't want to seem...shit!"

In a blur of motion, Bob spun across to Haohmaru and kicked the sword out of his hand, and deep into the ground.

"I think that evens things up. Now, let's begin, shall we?" an without waiting, he spun on his head, delivering a fury of kicks, hitting Haohmaru like a hurricane. As he tried to arise, he was flipped across the way by Bob, and now he was on the opposite side of the arena from his blade.

Blast! he thought. He didn't realize how helpless he was without his blade. Haohmaru made several attempts to dive for his blade, but each time he was knocked back by a seemingly stronger and stronger Bob. Maybe Haohmaru was weakening. Maybe his mind was too distracted by what had already happened. All he knew was that he had to change the momentum quickly, and with a major hit, or else he would have his head handed to him. Then, Genjuro would probably literally do it.

Bob dashed in for another assault, only to have Haohmaru grab him, and lift him over his shoulder, and level him head first into the ground. It was now or never, and Haohmaru ran for his blade.

With all his power, he heaved his blade out of the ground turned, and sent a cyclone to the approaching Bob. Bob was caught up, sent high into the air, and crashed on his head. As he got up, he was hit by a long series of swipes and slashes from Haohmaru, which finished with Haohmaru flying skyward, and Bob was rocketed up, and out!

"Winner of Fight 1, Round 2, Haohmaru!"

"Haohmaru! You did it! I think you're going to need some more water, though. You look like some one stomped a mud hole in you!"


"Um, it's something I saw in the 20th Century on a strange device called a tv. Some sort of fighting by some guy called Stone. I'll tell you about it as we head back."

"Right now, I think I just want to roll over. That guy's good. As was that Kane guy, from what I heard. If the rest of these guys are that good, we'll be in for one great battle...I'm sure the women fight good too," Haohmaru stumbled as Charlotte seemed to stare through him, then smiled.

As they came to his room, Charlotte then asked, "Why were you concerned about my standing up to Genjuro? Was it the way I said it? Or are you not going to tell me?

"Well, I feel kinda dumb! Ya see, I had this really disturbing dream..."

"That seems to be going around. Hisame said I uttered something about a Blood Riot or something. Let's go in, so we can talk without some one trying to kill you!"

"That's not funny!"

"Good! With what may be awaiting for us on the horizon, we can't mess around with a lot of silliness," concluded Charlotte before the two began to share their accounts of the disturbing events that had plagued them. Will they get their answers, or is some one trying to drive them mad?


Round 1, Fight 3:

Cheng v Gaira

"Gaira! I...must speak with you! We shall talk...NOW!"

"What do you want, you silly old monk? First you wanted me to listen to your prattle. Then, you wanted to excommunicate me! Now what do you want? Caffeine!?" gasped Kaffeine as he saw the burn marks on his old uncle.

Although he felt the old man was senile and a pest, at best, Nicotine was still family. Seeing him with those burns, and still able to move without paying heed to the trauma, Gaira stopped, perhaps to give his uncle a chance. If nothing else, than for the sake of family.

"As you can tell, I was severely burned in my fight, and I had the misfortune to lose. I feel that I must warn you, these warriors aren't to be taken lightly. Though only a few of them wield weapons, they are powerful opponents nonetheless. The one that Haohmaru fought was able to disarm him at the start of their fight, and nearly beat him. You must be on your guard."

"Is this what you wanted to talk to me about, you crazy monk?! Of course I know that. Haohmaru was too cocky and wasn't thinking of what his foe's potential could be. I won't make that mistake. I have a match to fight! I'm outa here!"

"Wait! That's not all! It's The Dark Power! I knew that'd make you listen. I found out from my opponent that a member of the Dark Power's clan is here...and there's no one from either of the other clans. He has yet to awaken, which is a small advantage. However, I've heard that Charlotte had a trance, stating that he will soon awaken. They are referred to as Orochi by these new warriors, and none seem to posse the knowledge of what to do. I'm too old to face this kind of thing. It must be you!"

"Why should I believe you, Caffeine? This all sounds like a load of crock! Why should I..."

"Do you deny the explosion of evil that we all felt not so long ago? That is what the power is like - before fully awakening! Should this power be allowed to reach it's full potential; do you know what that could mean? The power can easily equal that of Amakusa, Mizuki, or Zankuro."

"...Maybe. But right now, I have a match. We'll talk about this later," finished Gaira as he turned and made for the arena.

"Somebody needs to get that man to understand his duties. But by then, it may be too late! I must try to find out how much the others know about this, before this Ryuji Yamazaki awakens!"

"Round 1, Fight 3: Cheng Sinzan v Gaira Kaffeine! Begin!"

Cheng rocketed into the air, set to squash Gaira. To his surprise, his massive foe snatched him in mid air, and slammed him to the ground. As he rose to his feet, he was swatted by his foe's large necklace, as it were.

"That's cheap, and cowardly! You should throw down your weapon, so we can have a fair fight!"

"I see no reason too! I'm not as stupid as Haohmaru! I have a nice advantage, and I think I'll keep it. Grugh! Gaaw!" bellowed Gaira as he was hit by a large electric ball from Cheng.

"This is fine with me! If you want to play cheap with that big lug that you have, I can play cheap with these. There are several more where these came from, my boy!"

"I ain't your boy, lard! I'll fix it so that you won't have any either!"

But Gaira was having trouble trying to get in close enough to attack his opponent. He could keep his smaller projectiles at a pace that was enough to prevent him from getting too close. Cheng than partially turned from Garia, slapped his butt, and turned back to Garia.

"What was that and why did you do it!?"

"Oh, nothing much. Just my was of saying `Come on! Try and beat my butt!'" Cheng finished with a crazy laugh.

"Forget your big butt! You had better worry about your face! If you do that again, I'll turn it to pulp!"

As if to further insult his large foe, Cheng did it again. Gaira ran in to pound Cheng. Just what he wanted, and he threw another of his lightning balls at Garia. Garia expected it, and rolled so that it past over him. He got up, dropped his weapon, lifted Cheng, and began to swing him around in a mad circle. When he released him, he slammed into a wall 1/4 the way across the arena. He then ran and repeated the move. This time, there was a sort of glow that surrounded him as he spun, and upon dumping his foe, Cheng fell to the ground with a slight bounce at impact.

"Winner of Fight 1, Round 3, Garia!"

As he walked away from the arena, he wondered if his uncle was right. Had another power that could destroy the world been brought here? If so, what could he do. He knew how to deal with the likes of Amakusa and Zankuro. The Dark Power, now referred to as Orochi, was out of his league. Granted, it wasn't much different from the other two, but there was a difference that could prove disastrous if left unchecked.

"I wonder what this Ryuji wants! I mean besides eradicating all of us!"

If you want to know, you'll have to wait for the next Canto. Genjuro had his mug here, Ryuji will come next shot, so hang tight Fury fans!