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Like at the end of the previous millennium, chaos ruled virtually unopposed. Fear that Judgment was at hand caused mass panic, revolts, and even anarchy. Trust, faith, and hope were but memories and ended once they learned that nothing dramatic would happen. It will be no different this time. Yet it seems that the masses have learned nothing. Chaos rules once more. Fear of a "global failure of information" is now the name of this fear. Once again, we are filled with apathy, hatred, and sin. One can't help but wonder: if nothing catastrophic happened 1000 years ago, why should it be any different this time?

This time, it's hard to say for sure. There are doubts cast like shadows over all that we face. While there are many theories claiming this or that, there is little proof. However, a young, ambitious lad may soon acquire the proof needed to shed light on the truth. Will it be dark and catastrophic, or "will the truth set us free?" We will soon see if his blood stained life will...

It has taken what has felt like an eternity. Much blood has spilled--looking down, the hands are now clean, but the memories remain. Lives ended in several ways at his hands. Some, he killed. Others took their lives to be "reunited" with lost loved ones. Some sought retribution. Obviously, they failed. He had claimed that he wasn't in control, and in a sense, he was right. Orochi was, as he is with all of his "children."

In the very center of it all, Orochi IS the controlling factor for all members of his clan. They, and others, can try to deny the fact that they are bound to him. The only way for them to sever their ties is to never use their powers again. They are still prone to Awakenings. There is only one way to truly end the bonds--end it all! That is an option few will take, for they fear what they know to be Eternal Damnation for the sins they have done.

Some blowhards (I'm being nice) claim that a source for much of the violence in society is due to video games. What sort of crazy, stupid, loser would buy that (if you are at this site, than you obviously don't)! These people are probably ticked because they lose at Tetris, each and every time. They also probably despise the fact that a bunch of little kids can do something a HELL lot better than them.

Another thing is the movie-media industry. Video games are a large part of many lives, but they just aren't as big as say Hollywood. Thus video games are the "easiest" medium for them to attack.

A lot of gamers aren't of voting age, and parents aren't too involved. For those that are of age, tell them to ____ (fill in). Better still say you WILL vote for the opposition, and DO IT! For those that can't vote, think of GOOD ways to let your parents know that video games aren't the threat! Video games aren't a cause, but a result. They are how they are because that is what sells. They are "made to sell us what we want," plain and simple.

This was the prologue to the young man's validation to prove that some theories are right.

"What the..." and he just escapes a volley of gunfire, which destroys much of his hard work.

Men come in with torches and burn everything is sight. He escapes with hardly more than his life...and doesn't get far. Several of them surround him, and move in. In a matter of seconds, he begins to fade. However, a burning explosion is set to go off, getting ready for melt-down.

A violent wind that rivals that of Mother Nature's explodes outwards, sending them to their ends. All control is lost as the Hell-storm is unleashed. In minutes everything is burned and buried. Everything is gone! Rubble moves, and a Blood-howl echoes throughout the night.

"Huh!" gasps Chizuru, awakening from the terrible nightmare.

"What's wrong, Chizuru?" asks Yuki.

"...Nothing, just another nightmare..."

"You still have him on your mind? I'm not sure if that is good or not. He does seem like a nice guy, under all his--issues. Still, he is a wild-card. He could kill, like Iori, Goenitz, or Ryuji."

"You know he's nothing like them. He may be--hard--but that's under the Blood's control. He doesn't kill because he likes it!"

"Maybe, but be careful. He is an Orochi, after all."

Kagura smiled, "Yes, he is. If I'm not wrong, Orochi Blood flows through Kyo as well," and after getting dressed, she went out, still thinking back to the last few dreams she has had. She shivered a bit, as the sun had some time before it would rise, and maybe, at something more.

Eairlier, she had dreamed of the next King Of Fighters. All of the teams from '98 had returned. Eiji, and even the Boss Team returned. At the end, it was the God's Caliber Team (Chizuru, Kyo, Iori) who faced off with Goenitz! He laughed at the fools who thought he was dead. Not only had he been behind much of the chaos, he was now in control of enough power to eliminate all of them who had dared to challenge him. He proved near impossible to defeat, but he fell. He said that Rugal isn't the only one who can keep returning.

Then, it came. An equally strong force of Yata emerged, and leveled Goenitz. The man thanked them for doing the job of wearing Goenitz down so that he could finish it. He thanked them, and said good-bye.

Chizuru wanted to know who he was, for she couldn't recognize him as Yata. Kyo wanted to know what he was really up to. Iori was pissed at being used, and wanted to kick his ass!

"Defeat me...and maybe."

Again, they fought like never before. He congratulated them on the win. He had truly been tested. He was able to convince some investors to sponsor this tournament. He had hoped to meet a member of The Guardian, in order to...and he coughed up blood, and yelled as if he was being killed.

The teammates, even Iori, were shocked, as this man had the powers of The Guardian-and Bloodline! Orochi Blood exploded. He said that his other was a looser, trying to eliminate his better. Now, he will take the power...and Chizuru awoke there.

She snapped back to alertness, as someone lunged at her. Without a thought, she sent forth a twin. The two hit; and faded away. She turned toward a lamp and saw him, lightly laughing.

"You?! Why did you attack me?"

"Congradulations! You just reached a new level! You've reached a level that few members of our clan has reached--a twin was hit, and you didn't suffer from it. You are welcome."

"What do you think you are doing?"

"...I think you've sensed it too; in our dreams. You know, we have a lot to celebrate. This, and I heard about an anniversary celebrating recognition of you. Here!" and he tossed an envelope to her.

She looked at it. It was the same ones used in the KOFs, but with a Q. She looked at him, puzzled.

"I think you are THE QUEEN of Fighters!" he smiled, and was gone. She looked at it, and thought about what he had said, what Yuki had said, and her dreams. In the future...

FYI: The celebration refers to THE Chizuru Kagura (Mini) Shrine hitting 100 (a LONG way back)! I think I'll soon bring in the "Estranged Quartet" of Iori, Mature, Ryuji, and Vice next time. Hang tight, as I'll need to make sure to get enough body bags set!

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