Street Fighter Legends-The End


Does anyone ever look forward to the end? At least to the end of something they really enjoy? When you read a good story, you read and read, waiting to see what comes next. You may even find yourself anticipating what may happen next in the story. You may feel great that what happened, happened as you thought it would, or you may be disappointed. You may be surprised with how it ends, or disappointed. It depends on not only the abilities of the writer, but that of the reader. How good is a story to someone who can't read, or at least not the language of the writer?

When it finally comes, we hope that there are a lot of questions, both good and bad. The writers hopes for questions, so that they may know that people have an interest in their work, whilst the reader wants there to be a lot of questions, so that they may know that they can expect more work from the writer. Both are equally important, for without the audience, what would the writer be?

Given the circumstances, though, Bison wouldn't care to indulge in this comparison between a mere writer, and an all-powerful leader. Akuma, for what he knew, was still on the loose. The Street Fighters that he had worked so hard to capture were now free. What bothered him most was the identity of the two that had freed his prisoners. It was none other than Shadow and Shadow Li! Both were results of failed experiments, experiments that have returned to haunt him. He had to come up with a plan, and fast. If he couldn't, well, he didn't care to finish that thought.

Everyone was shivering, dazed, and naturally disturbed by their recent nightmares, brought on by Bison's latest mad experiment. Each had said and done things that they dreamed of only in the darkest corners of their minds. Never had they expected it to come be played out with such fierceness, nor had they ever realized how real each of those fears really were, before now.

"I know you are all weak, but you must try and get going. Shadowloo is coming, and it would be in your best interests if you were all out of sight, for now."

"Shadow is right. We can hold off any resistance you may encounter, but it would be best to avoid as many conflicts as possible. You still have the hostages to free."

"I wasn't convinced of your story, before, and I still want to know who you two really are."

"Shadow Li and have told you all that we know. Anything more would prove fatal. We must leave, before..."

"It is too late, my friends. How hurt I am, knowing that you don't appreciate my hospitality. Alas, I must insist that you pay for your stay, prices are always going up in everything, you know. Balrog! Vega! Sagat! Take them!"

"You heard the big B, guys. Let's rock!" and as always, Ken rushed head on into the fight.

Ryu tackled Ken, who nearly became a human dart-board, thanks to Rolent. Behind him was Sodom. The odds, in numbers, were in the Street Fighters favors, with the aid of the Shadows. However,. despite their enthusiasm, they were all half-spent from enduring Bison's latest game. As much as they didn't like the idea of running, there was little choice in the matter. They are still in Shadowloo. Even if they could get the upper hand, troops would be on the way. It would only be a mere matter of timing, and Bison could warp out of the way, and his troops could lay waste to them.

"Cowards!" Vega spewed, "Come back so that my steele my taste your blood!"

"Run, Ryu, run! Run like the wimp you are. You cannot hide forever. Your time will soon be upon you."

"Idle threats, scum! Ready, girl?"

"You bet, Shadow!"

Shadow unleashed a fury of Sonic Blades, while Li unleashed her Laser, scattering the enemy, and buying time for their friends to flea.

"Who are you people?"

"Listen up, everyone! The rescue team is here! Now move out, unless you wanna be a permanent resident!"

"You always have a way with people, Cody."

"Ya know it, bud. So, you take up the front with the girls. They have a fair idea of where to go. I'll take the back, to make sure the others can get up to speed."

Each nod in agreement, and shake hands, before they go. Guy leads the prisoners from their confides, with Cody following up, to prevent any surprises from behind.


"Sakura?? You've all made it! Good. Where are Cammy and Rose?"

"You call'n, luv?"

"How did you get free from Bison?"

"It was wild, Rose. The Shadow characters freed us, and they're holding of Bison and his stooges!"

"Ok. Follow us! We're bombing out! We've found the subs. It may be a bit of a tight squeeze, but we can make it."

"Charlie and I have had experience with subs; anyone else."

"My favorite water-sport, after yachting."

"Not the most preferred thing I learned at Interpol, but I can handle it."

"Good. That's four subs and most of the hostages. Who's going to do the last one? Cammy, didn't you have some experience with a sub or two...Cammy?"

"She's had a lot of experience with them, Charlie, and knows all of the guts to it. She handled one of them, while she was under Bison's control--did a lot of nasty damage with some of them too."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Cammy. You know that not only do we need you, but these civilians need you. Our first and most important thing is to get them back to UN HQ."

"Yes...I know...let's go."

"She's not too confident, is she, Guile?"

"I don't blame her, Ryu...I wonder how the Shadows are handling..."

"How are you holding, Li?"

"Ok. You're starting to weaken to, huh? We have immense power, yet it seems that the more we use our powers, the weaker we become. We may soon just fade..."

"...Like shadows. Ironic twist. We still have to hold these four back, so that they can free the hostages, and make a break for it."

"I think Bison and the goons suspect something. We aren't blasting as much at them. We're using hit and run tactics."

"I know, but we have to give them more time. I--DAMN!"

Shadow was pounded by a Tiger Canon, while Shadow Lady reels from a Psycho Canon.

"It seems that the two of you have finally reached your end. I don't know what it is that makes it so difficult for my powers to harm, but I think I shall no longer have to worry about you haunting me. Men!"

"Maybe, but the hostages, the subs, and the Street Fighters are free. By the time you cap us, they will be half way to the UN."

"Maybe, maybe not. I'll take care of you two first. Then...what?"

"A farewell gift, Bison. Ready, Shadow!"

A huge explosion rips through the roof of Shadowloo, and when it clears, there is no trace of either of the Shadows. The villains are sprawled about the floor. Alive, yes, but barely.

Back at the UN HQ, all are relieved at the tension they had to endure. Other than some minor troopers, they had little trouble in escaping. Sadly, they will never know the fate of their saviors. Did they die in their desperate gambit to save so many lives? Had they survived, and chosen to return to an existence of seclusion? We may never know.

"This has been one helluva an adventure, people!"

"Can't you ever be serious, Ken?"

"If I was serious too much, you would think that I was plotting something, wouldn't you, Chun Li?"

"Ken! It's Eliza...the's coming!"

"Sean! Say what?! Man! Gotta go!"

"Ken! Your shirt!"

"Oh, thanks Ryu."

"With the rest of our friends having to handle the subs and help the hostages get 'unhostagified,' that leaves just the two of us, Ryu. Come on, let's catch a movie."

"Well, I don't know. I think we can help settle things here."

"That's noble of you, Ryu. It ain't like our friends are doing this alone. They have every available UN personnel here on it. They won't miss the two of us. I'll change into something more casual, and we can go."

"Well..." but before he could offer another argument, Chun Li kissed him firmly on his lips, and brought herself so close, they could feel one another's hearts beating.

It sealed the deal. They each went to change in respective dressing rooms.

"Another journey has come to an end..."

"And another is about to begin, Ryu."


Before he knew what happened, Balrog deliver such a heavy blow to the back of Ryu's skull, that he was out in one hit.

"Honestly, for being the UN HQ, the security is lame!"

"Of course, dear Vega. Then again, for one of your skills, these guards were dead before they could even feel the pain. Now, take Ryu. They have their hostages, and they have the subs, but I have my own prize. If those computers are right, Ryu is very close. Just a few more runs, and he will break. Then, the world will be mine. The poor fools! They don't realize that this is The End!"

"Ryu! Get away from him! Ahh!"

"Hey, lady. Forget ol' Rolent. Come on, Sodom, let's play with this tramp."

"Let us leave, gentlemen. We have what I want."

"But what about them, Bison?"

"You heard the idiots. They wish to play with Ms. Li. I shalln't deny them their desire, Balrog. Foolish, though, to do it here. Oh, well. Their use has ended."

Bison exits, with Sagat behind him. Vega and Balrog carry Ryu, back to Shadowloo.

"Feisty little tramp. It's time we end this. Rolent!"

Sodom slid in with his blades, as Rolent bounced off the wall behind them, pinning her between them.


A massive explosion of energy rips out from Chun Li, sending her two attackers out of the room, while all but obliterating the room itself. It was of little concern to Chun Li. She wasn't going to let them escape.

"What is going on..."

"Sorry, chairman. They have just taken Ryu."

"Hold on! What's going on! You aren't going anywhere until..."

"Shoot me! Now get out of my way!" without waiting, Chun Li shoves him aside, and rushes after them.

"NOOO! This can't be!"

A good distance out, she sees a small speed boat, heading toward a large boat with Bison's mark. There, she sees the creep, followed by Sagat. Next are Balrog and Vega--she doesn't need to be there to know it's Ryu they have.

"Chun Li! What's happening?"

"They have Ryu, Sakura."

"What? Nuts! There ain't any way to follow them. What are we going to do."

"I don't know, nor do I care about anything else. I'm going to hunt them down, and get Ryu back. This is over, for now. But Bison had best watch himself, because the time for retribution will come!"

So ends Street Fighter Legends. The subs with the power to level the world are out of Bison's hands. The hostages have been freed. Cody and Guy are reunited with Jessica and Rena. The origins of the Shadows has been explained, and they themselves have faded away, scattered to the corners of the world. Ken will soon have a second child.

What of Ryu, though? Caught by Shadowloo once more, with indications that he is very close to breaking down, thus making him easy prey for Bison. Perhaps, in time, something will be done. What will be done, and when, are to be seen.

This ends SFL. I had been working on it with a friend, but I haven't heard from her, so after a few e-mails asking about it, I decided to finish it up (I'd actually had two other chapters before this, but they weren't 'ready') on my own.

Think of this sorta like The Empire Strikes Back, only that The Return Of The Jedi will be a lot shorter! For now, the bad guys have the upper hand.

Some may say this is the 'bad ending.' I'd like to follow right up with the 'good ending,' but I've been getting real busy. If enough want to see it, and I get enough e-mail for a follow-up, I may.

Until then, I'll be working on doing animations, and Fallen Angels...which will be rather rare, now. Getting into things like Coreldraw, Photoshop, and a lot of other programs in this and the following semesters. That's been keeping me dizzy! ;)