Street Fighter Legends-Dark Past


"Chun Li!"

Ryu couldn't believe it. There was Chun Li, Cammy, Rose, Ibuki, and Elena, all laid out, and in ugly shape. There's only one madman he knew who left that sort of carnage: Vega!

The last three suffered the worst, with the first two just some heavy bruises, and pains. Vega had informed them of the tournament, and what to expect. He then decided, mainly to show Chun Li that he hadn't forgotten the time she smashed his face, had some hired help rough them up. Vega personally attended to Chun Li. It was only when security showed up that they pulled back. Vega regretted playing too much, and not getting to teach Chun Li what she needed to learn.

Sakura watched as Ryu checked on Chun Li. After they returned back to Earth, she had let him know that they needed to go on. Yet she still had a crush on him. Their initial plans were altered by this. Now, they were so far away...

"So, Sagat. What happened?"

"I, met Akuma, Bison."

"That is of no concern to me. What happened when you went to the dojo?"

"They plan to come to compete in our 'tournament.' Also, Sean and Dan will stay behind, to help watch over Ken's family--not that that is of any importance. Guile and Charlie will join them, as they get ready for their departure. Dhalsim is staying at his village..."

"He is not needed. I have found another person, who shall carry on the doctor's work. Dhalsim won't be needed."

"I do not like the idea of working with Rolent and Sodom, sir. Sodom is more muscle than anything else, but is still an aggressive man. He can't be trusted."

"Of course not. However, he is a valuable tool to Shadowloo, for the moment. He has also brought extra men, in both Mad Gear and Skull Cross members. These can be sacrificed, saving Shadowloo soldiers for other causes."

"That brings me to Rolent, sir. Unlike his partner, he does have his own small army. While it doesn't even begin to rival ours, Rolent's men are more maniacal. His training's are more intense than our program, and the men are overall better than ours. If he decides to change the deal, he could be a problem."

"Enough, Sagat. I am aware of Rolent and his commandos. However, despite his arson, it pales next to my Psycho Power. Should he dare to oppose me, I will kick his ass as easily as I kicked Guile's."

Sagat knew that the matter was closed. He saluted, and left. Lacking anything better to do, he went down to the gym. He had some of the new recruits fight against him. Suffice to say, he was disappointed. There is one man he wants, and that man is Ryu.

The day came, and they were all ready to go. The hotel they had been staying in was already over-crowded. Chun Li, Cammy, and Sakura all had to share a room. Chun Li took the liberty of making sure their room was next to Ryu's. He also had to share a room with Ken and Guy, while Guile and Nash shared theirs with Cody.

Although it had troubled them each, Charlie had been able to focus his mind on other issues. Chun Li couldn't, no matter how hard she tried. Her mind was overwhelmed with their meeting with the Shadows. To find out what they were, and how they were connected, scared her.

"I'm sure you've also wondered, Chun Li, as to how you can use your Demon Blade Kick, without it consuming you. You are partially right when you say it is your love for Ryu. However, I am also part of the reason for it. In fact, I am the main part."

"Just what are you supposed to be, 'Shadow Lady?'"

"Like with Ryu, you would also be consumed by your negative energy. Your love is what had been able to keep it at bay, as it had for Ryu. However, it would always be there, as it is with him. When Bison experimented on you, it changed. As it is part of human nature, you will still have those same feelings, but their potential for something like an Evil Ryu are virtually nonexistent. That energy was taken, and made me. The very power that could consume you, was driven out by Bison. Isn't that ironic?"

"That's not funny!"

"I know. You don't have to thank him, for it is still your love for Ryu that finally exorcised that darkness. It's also that love that saved you, when Ryu used the Raging Demon on you! It helped him from becoming consumed forever by his demons."

"What about me, and you, Shadow?"

"Your's isn't as complex. You still have your darkness. With your techniques, though, they don't focus as much on your soul. Thus, you wouldn't be consumed by the darkness as they would. You get your powers from being able to physically break the sound barrier, as does Guile. You have your demons, but they wouldn't consume you in such a way as to take total control of your life."

"I had left you at that hospital, Chun Li. That is why no one new anything about it. It would be very hard to explain myself to the authorities, no?"

"As for you, Charlie. I was trying to figure out what to do. As far as everyone knew, you were dead. So, I tried to figure out what to do. Then, a strange light came, and, well, you know the rest."

"Where are you going now?" demanded Chun Li.

"We'll be in touch," replied her other.

That was a little while ago, before she found out about this new tournament. Now, as she packed her stuff, she wondered what would happen the next time she met with them. It was bound to be interesting, as usual.

Ryu thought back to their homecoming. He, Ken, Sean, Sakura, and Chun Li all headed back on Ken's yacht. Although Chun Li had to leave to inform her superiors of what had happened, to the best of her ability, she would be back as soon as she could.

It took her nearly all day, and well into the night, before she returned, nearly dead with fatigue. For the time, her and Eliza would share a room, while Ken and Ryu shared the other.

"Ready for another round, Ryu?"

"Let's go, Ken!"

Each began with a short series of fireballs. Then, in anticipation, Ryu threw another, only for Ken to jump over it, and kick Ryu across the face. As he landed, he nailed Ryu with three fast and fiery hits from his Dragon Punch.

They were back in their fireball war, as they each tried to move in, to get the next big move. This time, Ryu nailed Ken with an air kick, but missed the fireball. He tried a sweep, but was a second too soon, and Ken took him off his feet.

Ken the went for a Dragon Punch, but Ryu scooted back. He tried for a second, with the same results. As he went for the third, Ryu blocked it. As Ken landed, Ryu drove his fist into Ken, causing him to real, before he hit him with his own Dragon Punch.

Ryu stood, and waited for Ken. Ken jumped in, and Ryu went for yet another Dragon Punch. However, Ken was able to turn his momentum back, and used a Hurricane Kick to change his direction!

As Ryu landed, he was taken back, and then shot into the air, as Ken hit him with a Sho-Ryu-Reppa!

"What's going on!" demanded Chun Li.

"Again? Listen, you two! It's 2:00 a.m. Either you two are going to bed, or else!"

"Yes, Eliza. Uh, sorry!"

Ryu smiled to himself, as he remembered that, and promising Li that they'd turn in. Now, they were 1-1. He had won the first time he and Ken had a rematch. That time, Ken had won. They would see, in time, who would get round three.

Shadowy Revalation