Street Fighter Legends-Break


The quest to be the strongest, the best, the last warrior standing. It is perhaps the one thing that all of these men and women equally crave. Yet, the degrees they crave it, and what they will do to satisfy this demand is what separates them. For some, it is a path on the road to enlightenment, and self-improvement. For others, it is the means to conquering this world that drives them on. As has been the way since before they were even thought of, those on these separate paths will often, inevitably, clash.

"Ryu! Ryu! It's me, Ken! Snap outta it, man! You're...going to use the Hadouken on me?!"

"It is completely useless to reason with your friend, Ken Masters. Ryu is now a part of Shadowloo. He, like your old friend Sagat, belong to me!"

"I don't know who the Hell you are, but you're going me kissing the floor if you don't tell me what you did to Ryu!"

"Ah. People today; they just don't have manners. All you need to do is to ask me, and I'd gladly tell you. Ryu, in terms your feeble mind can understand, has been brain-washed. As for the rest of your remark--Ryu, kill Ken."

For a moment, Ryu hesitated. Then, Bison began to glow all over, and Ken saw something glow on Ryu's forehead. Whatever it was, it was allowing Bison to control Ryu. That would have to be what Ken focused on. Of course, the odds were against him: Ryu wasn't in control of himself, and was ordered to kill him--and Ryu can do it.

"Hadouken!" yelled Ryu, as the energy that swirled around him got drawn in by a huge vacuum, and exploded outward, ripping up the air around the two friends.

"This had better work! Sho-Ryu-Ken!"

Summoning up his own power, Ken blindly summoned up his Dragon Punch. As the huge fireball nearly hit him, he caught it in his Dragon Punch, and it went flying outward, destroying everything in it's path. Everything went black.

"Ken? It is you. it's been such a long time since...Ken? You're eyes are--bloodshot! What's wrong? Answer me!"

"Poor fool! Ken has been substituted for you, Ryu. You are such a hard man to fine. I had wanted to continue from where we left off with from our last meeting--oh well. It can't be said that even the great Lord Bison is so stubborn, that he refuses to improvise."

"You! You're the one who implanted that chip on me that one time. I thought you were shut down."

"Cocky little brat, aren't you. Never trust what you think. Even if it seems that one of my own troops have killed me, do not believe that I am truly finished. We all have our setbacks. I'm just sorry that it took me so long. Ken, show Ryu what you've learned. Try not to damage him too much. I would like to have each of you under my control..."

Once again, the two friends fight to the death. This time, Ken is the one under Bison's control, and it is up to Ryu to save his friend from a fate that he is all to familiar with. Yet, there are very distinct differences. Ryu, when under Bison's control, had an icy look in his eyes. His soul seemed to be a void. Ken's eyes were full of fire. A war was raging on in his core.

Again, they open their eyes, the sweat dripping down their bodies. Their breathing is slow, yet deep. Both recall what it was like to be a puppet, and how it was when they had to confront their best friend. They also think back to when they faced the other's dark-side.

"Oh, my head. I feel worse than when that blasted tin-can self-destructed! Only Bison could come up with something like this. Gotta love him!"

"I suppose the sarcasm helps to ease the pain, Cammy..."

"Ah! Rose! Now, both of the ladies are awake! It's so good to have you return to the realm of the living. Any pleasant nightmares?"

"I'm looking at him right now, Bison."

"Lovely as ever, Cammy. It's such a shame that you can no longer entertain me like that. Times change, after all."

"Even after all this time, Bison, you still have feelings for me. I had forgotten just how pathetic you are. No matter how much you may boast, you still live in the past."

Bison turns his attention to Cammy. He stands before her, with a vile smile on his face, knowing that the locks have her restrained and helpless. He brings his face directly into hers, his eyes starting to glow. Then, in one swift motion, he brings his hand back, and slaps her across the face.

There is a strong sting, and she doesn't need Rose to tell her that there is a large bruise, or that blood is dripping from her nose. As she brings her gaze back to the overlord, he laughs his dark laugh.

"Cammy, you are indeed a vain little girl. In one of my last fights, in our last tournament, I was given a vision of a woman, one who I can feel will be a key in my plans. She will fit well into Shadowloo--perhaps, she may have the potential I had hoped that you began to show. In time, she may even learn Psycho Power. Then, well, we shall see when it happens."

"What are you talking about, brother?"

For a moment, Bison turned his attention back to Rose. Then, he turned back to Cammy, a smile lighting up his features.

"I'm sorry to say, my dear, that I DO hold a grudge. So, before I waste you, I shall allow you to watch your friends' worst nightmares play out. Then, as they each break down, they will become easy candidates for my next project. Then, you shall join them, knowing that you will see what happens, and that you will be just like them."

"You have told Cammy what you want with her. Now, explain to me what you want with me, Bison."

"Deep down, we each realize how futile it is to try and change the other's fates. Yet, for whatever reason, you still try to change me. Why do you continue to bother, when you know that I will never change or falter from my chosen path? After each of our encounters, you come closer and closer to death. You know that if you continue on this path, it will lead to your demise. What is the point of this futile crusade?"


Before Rose could answer, the alarms blast. Not only had some one broken into Shadowloo, but some one had busted into the lab containing the Street Fighters.

With a thought, one of the monitors came to life. Bison felt light, and the blood rushed from his face with the two beings he saw in the screen. It was Shadow and Shadow Li. These beings were nearly as dangerous as Akuma. For reasons unknown to him, his Psycho Powers lacked their punch against these two.

"Sagat! Vega! Balrog! To Lab 32! The Street Fighters are being freed! Stop them! I've worked too hard to get them all here! I won't loose them now!"

Bison then burst the doors open, and moved toward the lab, with Sagat right behind him.

"Well, now isn't this interesting."

"Akuma!" Rose gasped.

"What do you think you're doing?" demanded Cammy.

"That's the question. What shall I do with these two, defenseless ladies. Leave them, providing an extra challenge for the Street Fighters? Free you, adding to Shadowloo's problems? Maybe...I shall kill you. Maybe, I will just play with your feeble minds. Decisions."

After a few minutes of looking over the girls, examining them closely, Akuma smiled. Cammy and Rose each shivered at his touch. Yet his touch was anything but ice. On the contary, is was blazing hot. Maybe, it was a power so intense, that it seemed as if he would explode at any moment. Whatever the reason for their terror, it may have influenced Akuma's choice. Then again, with Akuma, one can never tell.

"The final battle is nearly at hand. I have interests else where. I've seen potential in a new, tormented soul. I wish to revel in this opponent. However, I can't leave without a gift of thanks. Imagine, Bison thinking he could even challenge me?!"

He grabs the chains holding Rose's arms, and yanks, bringing her to the ground.

"You deranged psychopath!"

"Is that any way to thank me, Cammy? While the nature was a little rough, her arms are now free of her chains. The rest, I leave to you. I look forward to our next meeting."

Before Cammy can argue, Akuma disappears.

"Come on, Cammy. The others will need our help."

"What else is new?"