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There they stood, in the presence of two of their most deadliest rivals, Sagat and Akuma! It had been a while since they had last met, and the circumstances were--odd--to say the least. Being warped across creation would probably be strange for anybody.

For a time, Sagat seemed to put his quest to end Ryu's life to a halt. He claimed it was " the interest of survival." Now that it is over, he seemed to be ready to continue with his mad crusade. However, something seemed to be lacking. The fire still burned, but not as chaotic as before. Is there something else on his mind?

Akuma was a very different story. He was, and probably always would be, manipulative. It seemed to be his very nature. He had joined forces with, at the time, what had remained of Shadowloo: Bison, Sagat, and Vega. It lasted for a surprisingly long time. Inevitably, it ended. Now, the question was as to why they were both here.

"Akuma? What the Hell are you doing here? Your business with Shadowloo is over!"

"Fool! Regardless of what it may seem, I have ended my ties with Shadowloo, Sagat. I think a better question is as to what Shadowloo is doing here?"

"I've come to find out if Ryu's going to enter this new Street Fighter tournament. If you will, I'll finish you there. Otherwise, I'll finish you now!"

"Just a minute!" yelled Sean, "How do we know that this isn't another ploy by you, Akuma?"

"That's right! You pulled that once before!"

"That is a question for Sagat. It is his organization that is sponsoring it."

"The only way to know is to go! Well, are you coming Ryu? Don't disappoint me."

"I don't know what's going on, but I'll be there."

"I'll be there, too," Ken added, "then you and I, Akuma can settle an old score," and was met with Akuma's laugh as he warped away.

"Be there, Ryu. I know I can count on it," and Sagat looked around in a deep thought, before he turned, and left.

"That was crazy! I thought for sure those two nuts were going to go on a rampage!"

Ken replied, "Let's be glad they didn't. Still, I wonder what is going on."

What is it with me? I want to kill Ryu, more than anything in the world. It means more than every title in the why did I not kill him when I had the chance? Actually, I had two chances. The first time came with his battle with Marvel Ken. After that incident, he was lucky to be alive. There was just enough time for me in that span of time to lift Ryu up, off his feet, and to his demise. So, what was holding me back from eliminating him?

Not too long after that, Ryu was confronted with his own demon, Evil Ryu. He faced the hardest opponent one would ever have to face...the face of death that is your own. For a time, Ryu seemed to have succumbed to that force. He seemed to be a lost soul, struggling with the new power he had, and trying to find out who he really was. In the end, he overcame it, barely. Still, I wonder what sort of--scars--that has left on him, and his life.

He has settled down. He has a woman, Sakura, or now, is it Chun Li? Love is hard for me to understand. He has a business, he's a partner with Ken in that dojo. He also has a home of his own. It's small, and nothing compared to Ken's home; Ryu never did need much in life...where does that leave me? Am I...envious of him? We are similar, in so many ways. He is younger than I am, yet he has more success than I have. Is it right?

Sagat's mind is a hurricane of thoughts like this. He has done much in his existence. What will the future hold for him?

"Oh, Ryu! I was so scarred for you! I just saw Akuma a leaving here, and I thought...thank God you are ok! I'm glad everyone's ok..." she trailed as she looked at Dan, still feeling guilty about what Ryu had told her.

"Sakura! I thought that I had asked you to stay with Eliza. I'm glad you were concerned, but I don't like..."

"...I had to, Ryu! I felt that something evil was going to happen. I couldn't shake this feeling. I lost Eliza, and came here as fast as possible. You can't blame me, after who had just left."

"Ken!" called Eliza, before Ryu could reply.

"I'm so glad you are safe. I think I just saw that big loon, Sagat! I think he may have been leaving. I'm glad I followed my instinct to make sure you were ok! I know I was suppose to be with Sakura, but she'll--be here too?"

"Well, Ryu," Ken started, "I guess it's a `woman-thing,' right?" but Ryu was mute.

He was somewhat disappointed that Sakura didn't do as he asked, but she wasn't a little kid, and she is free to make her own choices. However, Sagat and Akuma, coming at nearly the same time is too much. Although they claim that their alliance ended, has it? What dark agenda do they have in store for them?

"Hey, Ryu, Ken! Mind if Cody and I come in, or are you busy?" asked Guy, the graveness in his voice, along with Cody's look cast an even darker cloud over them.

Slowly, Guy and Cody explained what had happened. Mad Gear members, Skull Cross members, and some other, unfamiliar guys attacked the ladies. Maki and Lucia fended them off, until Sodom and Rolent came in. They took Jessica and Rena, and gave them an ultimatum: Fight or the gals die!

"Can you describe anything about the unknown members?" Ryu asked.

Guy said that they all were similar uniforms, and had a strange marking. Ken asked if he could remember it, and Cody described it.

"Shadowloo!" declared Ryu and Ken.

"You mean that Bastard, Bison, is responsible for taking my Jessica, and Rena! I'll kill him!"

"Easy, friend. Remember his power? Remember what happened when he fought that four-armed creature? Don't worry, Cody, we've been through a lot, and we'll take Bison down, with help from our friends," and he gestured to them.

"We'll be together, and will stop Bison and Shadowloo permanently!" said Ryu.

"We'll kick their sorry butts!" Ken added.

"We will win, even if we have to go through Hell!" joined in Sean.

"Nothing will stop us!" yelled Dan."

"We will overcome," Guy stated, calmly.

"Can the talk! Let's beat the crap out of their sorry asses!"

Just what is Shadowloo's goal this time, and what will be done about it?

Shadowy Revalation
Dark Past