Chapter 18-Preliminary End!

THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter Story THE UNOFFICIAL Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter Story: Chapter 18-Preliminary End!


Round 1, Fight 38: Shao Khan v T.Hawk

Oh man! I thought I'd be able to measure up to this Shao Khan, but look at the size of him! He's bigger up close than I thought; he's even bigger than me! Still, I think I can get the big oath in the Storm Hammer, preferably in the super. I must, in order to reach Bison and avenge the wrongs that that maniac wrecked upon my people. For them, I will succeed!

"You will die, mortal! Why? You suck!" and Khan finished his strings of taunts with his sinister laugh, to which Hawk leapt in with the hawk, flooring the tyrant.

"That was pathetic! Allow me to show you how it's done!" and Khan launched a series of shoulder rams, and finished by sending Hawk into the sky. He then attempted to hammer Hawk, but he was able to block it, though he was knocked back through the remains of a festival.

"My home! What's happened? Now, the trash attacks my second home in Mexico, eliminating all of my friends! NO!"

"Don't worry, suh-gah! It ain't what ya think. Ah just brought ya here for the fight; nuin more!"

"Huh, Rouge? A-O, is there anyone you won't transform into?"

"Well, let's see, certain business people, politicians..."

"Sorry I asked."

"Not as sorry as you will be when I shatter your body!" echoed Khan, who was even closer to Hawk and was going to crush him with his mighty weapon. Luckily, he was able to dodge out of the way, although he did feel the force of the swing from the air. Blast! Hawk thought. I better start paying REAL close attention.

"You can't run forever, human germ! You are only delaying the inevitable. I will eliminate you, and then the rest of my opposition. Then, I will not only take what remains of your pitiful world, but I will use it as it's meant to be. You see, you humans are so ignorant as to the importance of your world in this part of creation. Your world is like an intergalactic and interdimensional crossing point. It is one of many gateways between these points. That is why so many have come to it. What you term as aliens are, I suppose, alien to you. They come and go as they please, because you stupid saps don't yet realize the true value of your world. If this in itself wasn't enough motivation, then the wide variety of resources and living conditions also make it of great value. Nearly every form of life can exist on this seemingly useless mud-ball. It has climate for those that thrive in heat, cold, jungles, forests, desserts, and so on. Most importantly, all of that planets resources can be tapped into for some use or another. Some of the things you are just starting to learn about, but which others have known of centuries. That is why I will take it!"

"I don't think so!" yelled Hawk, as he was now in range. He stunned Khan with a Thunder Strike. He lifted up Khan, and took him into the sky, spinning him and slamming Khan on the back of his head for a Storm Hammer. He lifted up Khan a second time, and this time, shadows trailed after them for the Super Storm Hammer!

"Now - it's over!"

But it wasn't. Khan took a moment to get his air back, and assaulted Hawk the same way he had previously defeated Sindel. He bashed Hawk, sending him sliding. He then threw a few of his power arrows, and spewed his own brand of poison. A blow from his hammer, and Hawk was down, and just barely breathing.

"Now, you die! Aaaahhh!" shouted Khan as he was hit in the back of his head by a familiar fireball. He turned, and saw Sindel, Kitana, Kang, Lao, Jade, Guile, Nash, Li, Cammy, Guy, and others.

Khan laughed, "You are all ready to die!"

"Another time, maybe! Now, clear for the next match!" In a violent, yet harmless blast, all were back in the void. In each of their heads, they heard, "Winner of Round 1, Fight 38: Shao Khan!"

Round 1, Fight 39: Reiko v Rolent

I can't believe it...I got #38 against some lame looking ninja! The opening round is nearly over, and I know I WILL make it to the next round. Why? For one thing, no ninja can stand up to the Italian Special Forces. Then, I'm going to waste that cyborg for what it did to Sodom. I knew Guy was a loser. Now, while he's off, I'll ax him too. Maybe I'll do him first, as a cyborg will - you know.

"Are you having second thoughts? Afraid, now that you've seen that your pal, and others really do die! It's to be expected. He who doesn't have fear when going into a death-match is a fool, or insane (take your pick). Ready to die?"

"I guess rumors were wrong. I heard it said that you were a mute. Even if the chance came for you to win it all, nothing much would happen with you, eh? I heard you'd died!"

"I got better, fast."

"What the...blast! Would you worn a guy before you do that? So now...oh, please! Andore, A-O; that is totally lame!"

"Hmhp! And here I brought you to your own turf where you had you first meeting with Haggar, and you get all jerky! If it was my way, I wouldn't let you win."

"Huh? Say what?"

Instead, Andore faded, and Reiko teleported in, slamming Rolent into the concrete. As Rolent attempted to reverse the momentum, he was met by a heavy kombo, finished with Reiko performing a kick that seemed to mimic that of some strange toy. Be that as it may, it proved to be very effective against Rolent, setting him up to be hit by a barrage of stars.

Rolent vaulted over Reiko, and executed three patriot circles, one after another. He then leapt on the ledge, and started to toss grenades at his kombatant. He was having difficulty in attempting to teleport out of their way of the explosives, and not be hit by another.

Rolent landed back on the ground, only to be swatted with a giant club-like weapon, and smacked into a wall. As he turned around, the weapon smashed into his face, bloodying it. He was then hit by the same kombo as before, only there was a slight pause, as Reiko hurled the weapon into Rolent's abdomen, causing him to fall to his knees.

Rolent was breathing heavily, and was loosing a lot of Blood. Reiko was also breathing hard, and he was slightly burned in places from attempting to avoid the earlier barrage of grenades. However, as it was obvious, he was still able to stand.

Rolent quickly rolled past Reiko, and dropped a small trail of grenades behind him. These proved faster, and stronger, for they almost instantly went off, frying Reiko with a series of painful, though not deadly, explosions. Rolent, with the aide of his stick, dropped one more, and laughed thickly as it exploded on Reiko.

"Now...stay down!"

"Winner of Round 1, Fight 39: Rolent!"

Round 1, Fight 40: H.Smoke v Dudley

"I take it that this rainy, dull place is yours, Dudley," said Smoke, with apathy clinging to each and every word he said.

"Ya betcha! This is home-sweet-home! I've had many a fight here; it brings back a lot of memories. Some my earliest fights, and victories were here. It's an ideal place to get your butt beat!"

"You should know. Either way I agree. So, what is our host coming out as next, Bruce Lee?"

"Lighten up, man. Don't be such a..."

"Stuff it! Speak not of situations you know nothing of. I have been turned into a machine, and given orders to kill my closest comrade. The location of my own soul was in question, even to myself. His older brother had been engaged in literally a heated rival with a demon of Hell. He killed the guy; the guy came back, and returned the favor. Now, they are both back, and have learned new information. They were both used as pawns by an evil elder god. Now, we've banded together to take back the lives we lost, so don't tell me to lighten up!"

"Fine! How about some lights out!" and Dudley dashed in, and then began rocking the entire part of his upper body in one fast, fluid, and near deadly movement. Smoke was caught off guard, and was stunned at the end of the attack. Seizing the opportunity, Dudley lifted his stunned foe, and jabbed his fist into Smoke's unprotected body, before throwing him to the ground.

"She-et, boy! Don't you ever...why the bleeding 'eck is smoke coming from you? Is this some bad pun? It's... (cough, hack, gag) probably the main thing that's saving your rotting corpse from the beating it deserves!"

"Good! Use whatever advantage that can come!" and in a cloud of smoke, Smoke disappeared, only to reappear behind Dudley, and smack him in his face. Before he fell, Smoke sunk his spear into Dudley as he yelped in pain, met him with an uppercut, ran and leapt up, hurling his helpless foe back down. He ran in and met him with four powerful kicks, followed by some sort of blades and finishing with a roundhouse.

"So, had enough yet, man?"

"Ask me that again after I give you a little something to chew on!" and Dudley dashed in with a hard hit to Smoke's gut, flooring him. He then ran in, spinning his fists wildly and with authority. Smoke was able to block it, but it took a lot out of him. He wasn't too sure as to what it was, but Smoke didn't like how it was going. He needed to do something, and fast. He wasn't sure if Dudley was a big guy who'd run outa gas soon, or the kind that can endure, even after taking an onslaught like he had just felt. One way to find out!

"Let's end this, ninja! Good night!" and Dudley dashed in for the kill, only to have Smoke teleport and knock him out of it. He wasted no time in following up as he had done before. Smoke sunk his spear into Dudley as he yelped in pain, met him with an uppercut, ran and leapt up, hurling his helpless foe back down. He ran in and met him with four powerful kicks, followed by some sort of blades and finishing with a roundhouse, sending Dudley down.

"So, had enough yet, man? Don't worry, I won't kill you! There are others to fry!"

"Winner of Round 1, Fight 40: Smoke!"

"Now, you're a break-dancer? This keeps getting crazier and crazier!"

Round 1, Fight 41: Jax2 v Shen Long

They say he has been waiting, and lurking in the shadows, waiting for the ideal moment to come back. He seeks more than can be imagined, and while he may not claim so, one has to wonder if he seeks payback from the attack from Akuma. Many years ago, Akuma made him the second victim of the Raging Demon, something that had been sealed off and hidden generations ago. However, Akuma found it, and has used it. The question is, has he mastered it, or has it mastered him?

You see, for those unfamiliar with its power, it not only spreads throughout those who use it, but those that feel it; as well as those who are in it's presence at the time of execution. For those gifted enough and with the potential to use it, they become the ultimate warrior, similar to Akuma. However, it brings another gift to all; and if they aren't gifted, it is all it brings. The Raging Demon brings out the darkest side of the soul, leading to the eventual death of the user. Before that time, the soul will have claimed hundreds, if not thousands, of others. Thus, it may be an understatement to call it a "killing technique." Perhaps a better term would be a "genocide technique."

Now, for the first time EVER, the man known as Shen Long fights amongst other Street Fighters. His main goal, to prevent an apocalyptic future in which ALL of the most gifted warriors are altered. It has already done his brother, as he had known. In time, it will control his prized pupils, Ryu and Ken! Even a young girl known as Sakura will feel the madness. Once it comes to pass: "Heaven Help Us!" Which is why he must stop it. If it comes, only his master may be able to stop it from raging beyond control.

"Yoh! Old dude! Are we gonna do this? Or are you falling asleep?" yelled Jax, trying to get Shen Long's attention.

"Without patience, you will fall. It is a virtue that a true master has. Ah! The one who brought me here comes."

"What is this place? There are faces on these walls. They seem to scream silently, as if in pain. It is very...odd."

"Yep. Been here before. Didn't like it then; HATE it now! OK, Alpha-Omega, where are you?"

Each waited a few minutes, but heard nothing, other than their own hard, tense breathing.

"I guess we shall start without him - Jax," and not waiting for a reply, Shen Long threw two blue fireballs into Jax, staggering him. He then leapt up, and hurled a red one, setting Jax on fire. Jax yelled, but made a very strong effort to shake it off, and got his opponent in a back breaker. Jax lifted him up, and smacked his fist into Shen Long's face a few times. As he attempted to regain his footing, he was shaken by a quake, and stunned by a wave of power. Jax moved in, and his mistake was made.

His timing was excellent, and only a supreme master could counter it, which is what Shen Long is. Sparks started to surround him, and Jax started to loose momentum. He was then hit by an electric Shoryu Reppa a few times, and fell to the ground, dazed.

"What are you waiting for? Do it? He's helpless. Do the move your brother, and his other half have used, the move he unsealed. Use the move that even the noble Ryu has used! Use the move that the innocent Sakura has used, and even modified. You know you want to use it! You cannot resist the calling to your dark-side, Gouken! Use the Raging Demon, and finish this scum off!"

Instinct had told him to demand as to where the owner of the voice was, and for it to show itself. However, he knew from years of experience otherwise. He concentrated with all of his might to try and feel the source of its darkness, and may have partially been surprised at the source. Then again, considering the nature of it all, maybe not. It came from within himself. The essence had hung onto him ever since that day. This is the first time it had been able to reach him. Now, when so much was at stake, and he was vulnerable. He had to plan his moves with care, lest he be taken by the Raging Demon.

"I don't know whatcha been doing, but you lost a flawless chance at victory, brother. Sorry to say that I can't do the same for you. With the fate of our world in the balance (again), it'll be time for us to push back again."

"You may be right. Although I'm sure that this Khan is a threat, as is Shinnok, I have another threat which I must intervene in. As to how dangerous it is, I can only guess. This threat will turn the noblest warriors into maniacal killers. Those that were thought to be innocent, will be preyed upon, and will thus cause the most chaos. I must..."

"Hey! Don't even think of weaseling out of this, man! We finish this, first and foremost!"

Jax went for another quake, but Shen Long leapt up, and started moving his hands in a familiar method, shared by his darker brother. For a moment, time seemed to freeze, and then Jax was leveled by a fireball that was second only to Sagat's.

"Tenma-go-zanku! Winner of Round 1, Fight 41, Shen Long!"

"...You were one of those faces?" Shen Long inquired, surprised.

"Only for this fight - only for this fight."

Round 1, Fight 42: Tanya v Goutetsu!

If Shen Long, the master who taught Ken and Ryu, is a man of mystery, power, and with none but his brother as a rival, what does that make the old man known only as Goutetsu? This is the man who had trained both Gouki and Gouken! Outside of this mere fact, nothing whatsoever is known about him. Even how he looks is near impossible to describe. What secrets does this old master have? What, if any of them, can he use against the up coming threat of Shin Akuma, Evil Ryu, XSakura, and Marvel Ken?

He was the first warrior to feel the fury of the Raging Demon in several centuries. This had been sealed off due to the carnage that would be unleashed. If anyone would know what to do should this fury be unleashed, it would be him...but what if he doesn't know what to do? What will stop the plague from contaminating others?

"This is no time to waste with sentimental slop, old man! Put it short, you die!" and Tanya shot at Goutetsu with a drill move, a move that he easily teleported past. In reply, he fired two of his own fireballs, which she easily side-stepped, right into two air fireballs from the master. Tanya attempted to catch him with her own fireball, but he hurricane kicked over it before touching down, and hit her with three powerful kicks, sending her back to the ground. Again, Tanya tried to take him down, this time with a sort of flip kick, but he merely blocked it. Surprised, Tanya was going to snap a limb, but was sucked into his Super Hurricane Kick.

"Blast you! I would've thought that only a god could have such power, or perhaps, a shape-shifter."

"You simply find it hard to believe a human from Earth could offer you such a challenge," replied the voice of Goutetsu, which didn't have a trace of age in it, "You are too cocky, young lady. I have the moves of ALL Shotokan students, great or small. I have mastered all of the fine arts that our teachings offer...including the power of the Raging Demon."

The idea of a demon intrigued Tanya. She wanted to know more. He merely laughed at her. She had betrayed her own people to a fallen elder god, known as Shinnok. He didn't need any special powers to know she wanted the Raging Demon for the power. However, it would only lead to one's demise, and the demise of others. He was going to seal it once more, as it should be, and as it shall remain. Tanya wasn't pleased.

However, no matter what she tried to do, he countered her each and every move, and his power seemed to grow! He hit her with a standard beam fireball, and instantly followed up with one which burned her. He warped in close, and rocketed her off her feet with a Shin-Ryu-Ken! Try as she may, even to pulling out her weapon to tossing it, he dominated the entire thing. It seemed that nothing could change it. Then, he saw it, the preview of things to possibly come, if left unchecked.

Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Gouken, and Gouki were all dead. Next flashed Evil Ryu, XSakura, Shin Gouki, and Marvel Ken. There was nothing for Gouken. The organization called Shadowloo had fallen as the result of them. The world over was shrouded in anarchy. A large man dressed in a skull suit had been a victim of the Demon from Ryu, and he too executed the move, and others, with fatal results. Another martial artist fell victim, though his attacker was XSakura. He was also swallowed up in the devastation, though his move lacked the raw power that the others shared.

Two military men, good friends, were fighting to the death, or so it seemed. One was surrounded in the darkness of the shadows, and caught the other for the kill. Then, there were two young ladies, also fighting to the death. One had blond hair with an odd looking cap. The other was shrouded in the same darkness as the man. The Shadow Lady caught her friend in a giant beam of explosive power. Then, as the blond rose, she met the face of death.

"So much must be stopped."

"Not by you, old fool!" Tanya answered coldly, for she had regained her weapon, and knocked Goutetsu into a wall. On the other side, was a giant fan. She wanted to throw him in, but doubted she would get so lucky. She was still woozy, and could hardly stand. She threw her weapon with all her strength, and at the exact moment it hit him in his face, they both collapsed.

"DKO! Surprise, surprise! I guess many would think that a man with the powers of ALL the Shotokan fighters would win. I guess the - odds - weren't in his favor. Now, for The final match of Round 1! Ladies, and gentlemen, place your bids!" (sorry, I just HAD to say that :)

"Hey, wait a second!" cried Fujin, "What about my match?"

"Oops! Hmmm. It looks like I left that one out. I did say I was everything - including prone to mistakes (or at least a certain absent-minded writer is). Let's see, who can I give you, Fujin? As you are a god, you will need a warrior who is exceptionally powerful, and will be able to give you a proper challenger. Let me sort through the space-time continuum. I should have something in a few moments. Don't go anywhere!"

"Don't go anywhere! We can't go anywhere in this void! (Alpha-Omega's gone)," grumbled Fujin under his breath.

So, who would be powerful enough from the Capcom world to give the Midway god a challenge. I think I know, and I hope you like the choice I finally made ^^!

"LET'S GO, BUB! Ok, you tin can! I know you got some answers in that canknuckle-head of yours. You either give it to this canknuckle-head, or I rip it out!"

"HOLD IT! Wolverine, we are a team. I know you have some issues with Akuma. He has some answers to who you are, but don't forget our purpose here."

"Yea, I know, Captain America. Don't lecture me on it! I's got some business to settle with this tin-man. I'll try and leave you some pieces after I get what I want!" and Wolverine leapt in and got ready to fight Cyber Akuma!

However, a teleport, followed by two air fireballs grounded him. Akuma dashed in to attempt a sweep, but got up in a Beserker Barrage, followed by a Tornado Claw. Cap yelled for a tag, but Wolverine wasn't ready to stop. He was about to go for Weapon X, when he was hit by Akuma's beam.

Damn! Wolverine thought. I can't believe what a jackass I'm being. I'm making mistakes that only a rookie should make. Now that I've got the adamantium back, I've gotten cocky. That ain't good! Shit!

"Wolverine! Move it! He's going for the Demon. I don't know if your healing factor can withstand that kind of onslaught!"

Nice choice of words. What the...a strange presence. That light just evaporated Cyber Akuma.

"Forgive me, Logan, Steve. Don't worry, your time will come. Just remember the name: Alpha-Omega."

"Hey! Show your mug! They're gone!"

"Alpha-Omega? The Beginning-End?"

"You've got me! All I know is that something big's going to happen. When it does, I don't think I'm going to like it!"

Round 1, Fight 43: Fujin v Cyber Akuma

"Here you are, Fujin. Meet Cyber Akuma, your opponent for this tournament."

"You weren't even gone but a few seconds...another Akuma? How many of them are there?"

"That's one of those questions best left unanswered. Now, on with the match!"

Fujin shot an arrow at Akuma, who instantly teleported out of the way, only to be lifted by a geyser of air, followed by a double knee from Fujin. Fujin withdrew his cross-bow, only to have Akuma dash in, sweep him, followed by a hurricane kick, and finished with a dragon punch through some hi-tech machinery.

"Where are we?" demanded Fujin.

"You are with my dancing partner. Call me Wolverine."

"Wolverine! I've heard of you, from some of the others. You are a scrapper."

"Too bad, it's only Alpha-Omega. You may meet Wolverine later, or may not. I think that the next time I see him, I'll tell him that even with a healing factor, cigars will kill him."

Akuma blasted through the image of Wolverine, and assaulted Fujin with a bombardment of fireballs from the air. Just as Akuma landed, Fujin delivered two kicks, a lift-slam, kick, and flying knee, sending Akuma to the other side of the ledge. As the cyborg pulled himself out of the wreckage, he was met with an air spin, spear kick, lift-slam, punch, and another knee, driving him deeper into the wreckage.

As Fujin separated himself from the wreckage, he looked at his opponent, driven deep into the garbage. He went and picked up his cross-bow. Fujin heard machinery come to life, and was met with a series of uppercuts to his face, and was shot off into the air. Again, as Akuma landed, Fujin unleashed the same combos as before, but at half the speed. Exhausted, he collapsed, as did Cyber Akuma.

"DKO! Not the best way for a fight to end, but it happens! That should be it. Next!"

Now, the Final Fight for Round 1 begins, Fight 44!

Much has happened up to this point. The masters of old have come back; Shen Long and Goutetsu, and another old master, Gen. Shadows have come alive, and dark-sides have been confronted. A man who thought he was the last of his race finds that there are now four others. However, just as quickly, the number has been cut from 5 to 3, putting the race on the verge of extinction; yet rumors continue that there is one more lurking. Many warriors have seemingly come back from the dead, if they were ever truly dead. Two brothers, one who died at the hands of a specter is one to return. Then, they all to band together against a greater foe. Others have confronted inner demons, while others come closer in the bond of love, despite the madness that blooms around them. Some from both "sides" have already died...or have they? The way to know for sure is to keep going!

Round 1, Fight 44: Kung Lao v Marvel Ken

"Hey, I recognize you...or at least one of you. It was the other one way back in fight 1. Ken fought Johnny Cage, and Ken won. Well, Marvel Ken, I doubt both of you will be so lucky."

"First off, it's just Ken. No point in anyone straining. Second, if both Subzeros won, both Jades won, and both Ryus won, I think it's easy to say that both Kens will win. After all, in either form, I'm always better than Ryu. Always have been, always will. While he may have the Raging Demon, I have something better."

"What? A big mouth to bore your foes to death? Maybe an ego that gives you such a big head, it causes anyone to see you to die from shock?"

Ken smiled and shot a large hadoken at Kung Lao. He was surprised that it didn't fade, and teleported out of the way. Ken rolled to where he reappeared, and shot him up into the air with his hurricane kick. Instead of finishing him with a kick to send him to the ground, he went into a flaming dragon punch, frying Kung Lao three times before he fell.

He was able to land a successful dive kick, and followed up with a field. Ken was able to roll upon landing, and began kneeing Kung Lao in his gut, and then kicked him away, and through a set of barrels on the side of a dock, overlooking a misty bay.

"Ah, the old Ken's turf from the World Warrior. Um, there you are, the guy in the boat, the one who looks like he's trying to do something...with his hand."

Kung Lao had gotten close to Ken, and grabbed him by his shoulders, and did several spins in the air, and slammed Ken into the ground, leaving a big hole at the impact. This time, he caught Ken with the field, cut into Ken with his hat, and uppercutted him into the bay. Ken didn't seem to resurface.

Kung Lao searched the top of the water, looking for Ken to float back up. He then shot up as he felt the dark aura behind him! There he was, soaking, but alive. It was later learned that the dock was not solid all around, and Ken was able to swim underneath it to the other side. Ken smacked him repeatedly with a Shoryu-Reppa, but before shooting off, he stopped for a breath, and shot up with a Shin-Ryu-Ken. Before Kung Lao hit the ground, he was pummeled with a Shinku-Hadoken.

"Supreme combination finish! Winner of Round 1, Fight 44, Marvel Ken!"

Well, MKvSF fans, this finishes up Round 1 for the fights! I've tried to do as best I can, and try not to play favorites (which has proved virtually impossible). There have also been several cameos, and more to come! If one of your faves lost, I'm sorry, but not enough people voted for that character (YES, PEOPLE ACTUALLY DID VOTE!). Tell others who like this character to come and vote; and maybe read the fic. If they died, just look back when Elena died, and then Ermac...Balrog and Chameleon (respectively) got them. So, who's dead, if any? What is this prize they are all fighting for, or is it a big joke?